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Muslim Leaders Disappointed With Charges Against Mosque Intruders

March 23, 1996

DENVER (AP) _ Muslim leaders were disappointed with the misdemeanor charges filed against two radio station employees who barged into a mosque and blared the national anthem in a live, on-air stunt.

The leaders met with Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton to seek more serious state charges, and with U.S. Attorney Henry Solano about federal charges, but left disappointed.

They said they would meet with Norton again next week.

KBPI radio producer Joey Teehan and sound engineer William Jones were charged Friday with unlawful conduct on public property and disorderly conduct with unreasonable noise in a public place. Police were still looking for a third, unidentified man who was with Teehan and Jones.

Disc jockeys Dean Myers and Roger Beaty, who were at the station during the prank, were charged as complicitors and with disorderly conduct and making unreasonable noise in a public place.

Authorities said Teehan, Jones and the third man walked into the Colorado Islamic Center Tuesday playing ``The Star-Spangled Banner″ on a trumpet and bugle.

Teehan wore a turban and a T-shirt depicting Denver Nuggets star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, an apparent reference to the basketball star’s refusal to stand during the pre-game national anthem. Abdul-Rauf agreed to stand and pray silently after the NBA suspended him for a game.

Mosque officials said the men kept their shoes on despite religious prohibitions, and laughed when they were asked to leave.

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