A coat of not many colors

December 19, 2018

It looks like Rocky got a new coat. This cute little monochromatic critter was spotted recently in Shaw Media reporter Dave Cook’s backyard in Bureau County. How often does a white squirrel pop up? Not often. This is the second time in only 10 years Cook has spotted a little white wonder in his Princeton yard. According to Mother Nature Network, sightings of white squirrels are rather rare, though some places have high populations of them, including Olney, in southern Illinois. While people might assume most white squirrels are albinos, it’s unlikely. Many white squirrels found in North America are eastern grey squirrels that have leucism, a condition that causes a partial loss of pigmentation. Leucistic animals have white, pale or patchy coloration, but their eye color is unaffected, unlike true albino squirrels that have pink eyes. Go to shawurl.com/3ana to read more about white squirrels.

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