Border wall argument is tiresome -- Gene Bier

January 16, 2019

I am very tired of listening to the arguments for and against the wall.

I agree that border security is a high priority in today’s world, so let’s get the answers to a few questions.

In what specific areas will the wall be erected? A great deal of topography on our southern border is prohibitive to wall construction.

Who will build the wall? Have we researched the ability of any contractors to accomplish this? Do we have an honest cost per mile that we can reference?

What technologies other than the wall may serve a better purpose in defined situations? How successful do we think the wall will be? After all, some very resourceful elements will test any wall. Some answers, please.

All we have right now are three egos that relish time in front of cameras and want to control Congress. They are feared by any politician who dares question their approach. How sad it is that so many elected officials cower in the corner while honest federal workers see no pay.

Please, leaders, have a productive discussion on border security that will responsibly result in a safe border situation.

Gene Bier, Milton

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