Build a green oasis, not a wall -- Marijane Curry

January 27, 2019

Fences and walls erected along international boundaries in the name of national security have the unintended but significant consequences of decreasing biodiversity.

President Donald Trump’s proposed wall could affect as many as 1,077 animal species, 429 plant species including many critically endangered ones. The National Butterfly Association in Mission, Texas, is adamantly opposed to the wall because of its adverse effects on insect and bird populations. Around 40 percent of all butterflies in the country are found there.

I propose we expand this concept of a botanical garden to the whole area that would have been a wall, all 1,954 miles. Let us involve the greatest minds in horticulture and engineering to develop a green oasis that will be seen as the utopian endeavor of the 21st century. It will be cherished in future generations because it will be remembered as the time we turned from the abyss to the sublime that saved endangered species, promoted greater biodiversity, and furthered human existence on this planet.

Ask yourself this question: If you could return to this earth 100 years from now, would you want to see a massive wall or a big beautiful green oasis?

Marijane Curry, Madison

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