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Computer Convention Group Bans Nude Displays

June 9, 1994

NEW YORK (AP) _ The company that hosts the largest trade shows in the computer industry said Thursday it will prohibit displays of sexually explicit software and other suggestive materials.

The decision by the Interface Group, sponsor of the Comdex trade shows, followed more than a year of complaints by some exhibitors and attendees, an executive said.

″This particular type of material does not fit with the kind of computer trade show they want to attend,″ said Milt Herbert, vice president of the Interface Group.

About 20 makers of sexually explicit software attended Spring Comdex last month in Atlanta. Another 1,100 companies also participated in the show, attended by about 80,000 people.

The development of compact disc software, known as CD-ROM, has created a niche industry of sexually-oriented programs. CD-ROMs hold 600 times as much data as ordinary floppy disks, making it possible to create programs with sophisticated sound and video.

The makers of such software have drawn a lot of media attention during the last few Comdex conventions. Fall Comdex, held in Las Vegas each November, is the largest in the computer industry and one of the largest trade gatherings in the world.

Other trade shows, including the Consumer Electronics Show, typically place exhibitors of sexually explicit products in a separate room or building away from the main trade hall.

The Interface Group will continue to welcome all software companies but said it will more stringently enforce an existing contract provision allowing it to ″exclude any and all material it deems to be offensive.″

Herbert acknowledged that may cause some software companies to choose not to attend.

″We are willing to pay that price in order to keep our general business objectives in line,″ he said.