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Actor Had a Duty to Warn Lover He Had AIDS, Attorney Claims

February 8, 1989

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Rock Hudson was guilty of immoral and indecent behavior for failing to tell his homosexual companion he had AIDS, an attorney said in closing arguments in an $11 million lawsuit against the actor’s estate.

″Hudson did not give a damn about (his lover Marc) Christian or the countless other people who could have died,″ Christian’s lawyer, Harold Rhoden, said Tuesday.

″The duty to warn is what this case is all about. Someone who has AIDS has that duty. It’s right. It is decent. It is moral,″ Rhoden said. ″To do what Rock Hudson and Mark Miller (his secretary) did is immoral, is indecent.″

Attorneys for Hudson’s estate and Miller were to give closing arguments today in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Rhoden contends that Christian, 35, an aspiring musician who lived with Hudson during the last two years of his life, is entitled to compensation for the ″enhanced fear″ he suffered when he found out his lover had acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Christian testified last month he and Hudson had unprotected oral and anal sex three to five times a week for eight months after Hudson learned he had AIDS in June 1984.

Hudson - who played the leading man to such actresses as Doris Day, Elizabeth Taylor and Linda Evans in movies and TV - died Oct. 5, 1985, a few months after his battle with AIDS became public. Christian claims he did not find out Hudson was dying of the disease until the public did.

Miller, who is being sued along with the estate for keeping Hudson’s secret, contends that the movie star broke off his affair with Christian before he knew he had the deadly disease.

Rhoden has acknowledged Christian has no symptoms of AIDS and tested negative for the virus. But he maintains this is irrelevant because he says his client could develop AIDS at any time.

Rhoden asked jurors to disregard defense claims that Christian and Hudson did not have sex, reminding them that a witness had described seeing the two men in an amorous nude embrace at Hudson’s home after a party.

He also read passages from love letters Hudson wrote to Christian while he was in Israel filming ″The Ambassador,″ his last picture.

″I love you, my baby,″ said one of the letters. In another, Hudson said how much he missed Christian, and, ″I had to call to hear your voice. I love you.″

The attorney said jurors might wonder what Christian would have done had he known that Hudson had AIDS.

″Marc Christian loved Rock Hudson. I think he would have stayed with Hudson, tried to care for him and made his last days as happy as possible,″ said Rhoden. ″But he would not have had any act of sexual intercourse with Rock Hudson because this boy is not intent on committing suicide.″

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