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BC-PA--PAPME Contest-Finalists, Advisory, PA

April 11, 2019


News directors:

Finalists have been announced in the 2018 Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors contests.

The awards in actual order of finish _ first and second places _ will be announced at the PAPME awards banquet, Friday, May 17, in Harrisburg.

Thirty-nine newspapers and 11 radio and television stations submitted 1,344 entries in the contest.

Please review the finalists and contact Becky Day at bday@ap.org or 209-552-6541 by Monday, April 15, to report any misspelled names, titles or other problems.

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1,400 newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States.

Finalists in the 2018 Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors contest:

Finalists in Division IV:

Best Full-page Design: Sterling Chen, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Super Bowl”; Daniel Marsula, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Unbroken.”

Best Spot News Coverage - Newspapers: Caitlin McCabe and Julie Shaw, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Amid a Building Boom, a North Philly Property Collapses”; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Tree of Life Synagogue Coverage.”

Best General News Reporting - Newspapers: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Tree of Life Tragedy Continuing Coverage”; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Clergy Abuse - Concealing the Truth.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Newspapers: Wallace McKelvey and Megan Heaton, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Tapped Out: How Pennsylvania’s Failing Drinking Water System is Hurting You”; The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Toxic City: Sick Schools.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Newspapers: Wallace McKelvey and Megan Lavey-Heaton, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Tapped Out: How Pennsylvania’s Failing Drinking Water System is Hurting You”; Daniel Simmons-Ritchie and Megan Lavey-Heaton, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Still Failing the Frail.”

Best Special Section: The Philadelphia Inquirer, “2018 the Year in Pictures”; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Unbroken (Tree of Life).”

Best Public Service - Newspapers: Matt McKinney, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “When a Student Dies, District Scarred by Violence Finds Strength to Help Grieving Youths”; The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Toxic City: Sick Schools.”

Best Column: Maria Panaritis, The Philadelphia Inquirer; Trudy Rubin, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Best Feature Writing: Charles Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “The Last Journey”; John Luciew, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Coroner Graham Hetrick Says the Dead are Telling Him America’s in Big Trouble.”

Best Editorial Writing: Abraham Gutman, The Philadelphia Inquirer; Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Best Business Writing: Erin Arvedlund and Caitlin McCabe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Rotting from Within”; Kris B. Mamula, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Declining Coal Reserves Siphon Tax Money from Greene County School Districts.”

Best Headline Writing: Joe Berkery, The Philadelphia Inquirer; Arthi Subramaniam and Gretchen McKay, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Best Digital Presentation - Newspapers: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Best Multimedia Storytelling: Ivey DeJesus and Megan Lavey-Heaton, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Evangelizing at Milton Hershey School: Is This What the Chocolate King Envisioned?”; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “The Week the Hill Rose Up.”

Best Sports Story: Gene Collier, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Life Inside the Ring”; Stephen J. Nesbitt, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “The Rise, and Shame, of Jung Ho Kang.”

Best Sports Feature Story: Amy S. Rosenberg, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Ocean City and the Most Cutthroat Pickleball Game at the Jersey Shore”; Mike Sielski, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “The Toughest Call.”

Best Sports/Outdoor Column: Bob Ford, The Philadelphia Inquirer; Mike Sielski, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Best Illustration or Graphic: James Hilston and Chance Brinkman-Sull, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Squirrel Hill Synagogue Massacre: Sequence of Events”; Daniel Marsula, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Bad Science Puts Innocent People in Jail.”

Best Spot News Photo: Michael Santiago, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “A Tough Rescue”; Alexandra Wimley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Squirrel Hill Massacre.”

Best Feature Photo: Elizabeth Robertson, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Naked Bike Ride”; Sean Simmers, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Shoveling in Symmetry.”

Best Sports Photo: Charles Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Where the Legs Go, the Heart Follows”; Joe Hermitt, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “All-out Effort.”

Best Photo Story: Stephanie Strasburg, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Keeley and the Vial”; Stephanie Strasburg, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Students with Disabilities Fight to Save Program that Helps Them.”

Best Short Video: Salim Michel Makhlouf and Brian Linder, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Tykee Smith”; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Hundreds Gather for a Vigil to Mourn Shooting Victims in Squirrel Hill.”

Best Long Video: John Micek and Salim Makhlouf, PennLive/The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News, “Opioid Epidemic in Pennsylvania”; David Swanson, The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Ringing Rocks Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.”

Finalists in Division III:

Best Full-page Design: Melanie Wass, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “Hatred Will Never Win Out”; (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “A Taste for Teapots.”

Best Spot News Coverage - Newspapers: The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Sexual Abuse in Our Churches”; (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting.”

Best General News Reporting - Newspapers: The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Sexual Abuse in Our Churches”; The (Allentown) Morning Call, “Pawlowski Coverage.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Newspapers: Steve Esack and Riley Yates, The (Allentown) Morning Call, “Acres of Tax Breaks”; Ford Turner, Reading Eagle, “Liberation Way.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Newspapers: Ford Turner, Reading Eagle, “Liberation Way”; (Levittown) Bucks County Courier Times, “State of Emergency.”

Best Special Section: The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Outlook 2018: Change in Store”; (Lancaster) LNP, “King.”

Best Public Service - Newspapers: The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Opioid Crisis: Seven Days of Solutions”; York Daily Record/Sunday News, “Predator Priests: Beyond the Grand Jury Report.”

Best Column: Pat Bywater, Erie Times-News; Christopher J. Kelly, The (Scranton) Times-Tribune.

Best Feature Writing: Luis Fabregas, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “Paralyzed in Diving Accident, Pittsburgh Woman Vows to Walk Again”; Jennifer Kopf, (Lancaster) LNP, “Finding Cleo.”

Best Editorial Writing: Suzanne Cassidy, (Lancaster) LNP; Joe Hainthaler, Reading Eagle.

Best Business Writing: Jon Harris and Anthony Salamone, The (Allentown) Morning Call, “Palmer Plant Closing”; Jim Lewis, Reading Eagle, “Souring on Milk.”

Best Headline Writing: Jerry Reimenschneider, Reading Eagle; Marje Wos, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review.

Best Digital Presentation - Newspapers: The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “thetimes-tribune.com”; (Lancaster) LNP, “LancasterOnline.”

Best Multimedia Storytelling: Quinn Staley and Lindsey Blest, (Lancaster) LNP, “What’s the Most Dangerous Road in Lancaster County?”; (Levittown) Bucks County Courier Times, “State of Emergency: How Far Have We Come?”

Best Sports Story: Mike Drago, Reading Eagle, “Neff Plays Mind Games with Red Knights”; Mark Wogenrich, The (Allentown) Morning Call, “Heart of a Warrior.”

Best Sports Feature Story: Donnie Collins, The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Just Desert”; Doug Oathout, Erie Times-News, “A New Spin on Erie.”

Best Sports/Outdoor Column: Donnie Collins, The (Scranton) Times-Tribune; Nick Fierro, The (Allentown) Morning Call.

Best Illustration or Graphic: Chris Emlet, (Lancaster) LNP, “Superflix”; Craig Schaffer and Bob Schneider, Reading Eagle.

Best Spot News Photo: Susan L. Angstadt, Reading Eagle, “Victims Identified in Quadruple Fatal Shooting”; Ben Hasty, Reading Eagle, “Suspect Arrest After 2 Reading Police Vehicles Collide.”

Best Feature Photo: Thomas Slusser, The (Johnstown) Tribune-Democrat, “Find a Peaceful Way”; (Levittown) Bucks County Courier Times, “Scaring Up Profits.”

Best Sports Photo: Jeremy Drey, Reading Eagle, “Not Running from the Heat”; Thomas Slusser, The (Johnstown) Tribune-Democrat, “Drought Over for Flood City.”

Best Photo Story: Nate Smallwood, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “Antwon Rose from the Shooting to the Protests”; Kim Weimer, (Levittown) Bucks County Courier Times, “What Can I do to Help You?”

Best Short Video: Andrew Russell, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “Archiving the Tree of Life Memorial”; Andrew Russell, (Greensburg) Tribune-Review, “Christmas Bus.”

Best Long Video: Jason Farmer, The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, “Night to Shine”; Jason Plotkin, York Daily Record/Sunday News, “Firefighter Survivors Share Their Appreciation While Battling Loss.”

Finalists in Division II:

Best Spot News Coverage - Newspapers: Tanner Cole and Caleb Harshberger, Butler Eagle, “6 Hurt in Mars School Bus Crash”; York Dispatch, “Two York City Firefighters Killed in Collapse.”

Best General News Reporting - Newspapers: J.W. Johnson, Butler Eagle, “A Crisis of Their Own: VFD, EMS Lack Funding, Report Says”; Francis Scarcella, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Sunbury Legal Fees.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Newspapers: Marcia Moore and Eric Scicchitano, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Child Care”; Eric Scicchitano, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Foster Care.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Newspapers: Andrew Chiappazzi, Beaver County Times, “An Official Crisis”; Justin Strawser, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Senior Driving.”

Best Special Section: John Zaktansky, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Valley Musicals”; (Hazleton) Standard-Speaker, “The Molly Maguires.”

Best Public Service - Newspapers: Francis Scarcella and Justin Strawser, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Sunbury Legal Fees”; The (Pottstown) Mercury, “Saving the Pottstown YMCA.”

Best Column: Mark Hofmann, (Uniontown) Herald-Standard; Lisa Micco, Beaver County Times.

Best Feature Writing: Rick Dandes, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Rick Dandes, 1968”; Mike Tony, (Uniontown) Herald-Standard, “Losing Loved Ones.”

Best Editorial Writing: Bill Bowman, The (Sunbury) Daily Item; Gayle Eubank, York Dispatch.

Best Business Writing: Rick Shrum, (Washington) Observer-Reporter, “It Was All at the Mall”; John Zaktansky, The (Sunbury) Daily Item.

Best Headline Writing: Tamara Dunn, (Hazleton) Standard-Speaker.

Best Multimedia Storytelling: Francis Scarcella and Rob Inglis, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “Day in the Life of Little League World Series.”

Best Sports Story: Andrew Chiappazzi, Beaver County Times, “A New Numbers Game: Baseball, Softball Coaches Opting for Wristbands Instead of Traditional Hand Signs”; John McGonigal, (State College) Centre Daily Times, “With NFL Draft Decision Looming, Penn State’s Miles Sanders Leans on His Mother.”

Best Sports Feature Story: Jacob Calvin Meyer, York Dispatch, “Brother’s Memory Drives York High Football Standout”; Steve Stallone, (Hazleton) Standard-Speaker, “Northern Exposure.”

Best Sports/Outdoor Column: Chris Masse, Williamsport Sun-Gazette; Mitch Rupert, Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Best Spot News Photo: Jimmy May, (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise, “Rescuers Race to Fiery Crash”; Jimmy May, (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise, “Swamped Again.”

Best Sports Photo: Bill Kalina, York Dispatch, “York Y-Tri”; Jimmy May, (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise, “Steer Wars at Benton Rodeo.”

Best Photo Story: Celeste Van Kirk, (Washington) Observer-Reporter, “Whatever it Takes to Get You Through It, Do It”; Jimmy May, (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise, “Wild Ride at the Rodeo.”

Best Short Video: Dawn Sagert, York Dispatch, “Community Embraces During S.P.I.N. Candlelight Vigil for Fallen Firefighters”; Dawn Sagert, York Dispatch, “York Giving Helping Hands Serves Homeless.”

Best Long Video: Rob Inglis, The (Sunbury) Daily Item, “DITLO Knoebels”; Gwen Titley, Beaver County Times, “The Parajournal: UFO Chase from Portage, Ohio, to Conway, Pa.”

Finalists in Division I:

Best Full-page Design: Arthur Dowell, The (Lewistown) Sentinel, David Rowe, (Lehighton) Times News, “Natural Pain Relief.”

Best Spot News Coverage - Newspapers: Vanessa Pellechio, Gettysburg Times, “Lightning Strikes Twice, Homes Destroyed”; Chauncey Ross, The Indiana Gazette, “Domestic Violence.”

Best General News Reporting - Newspapers: Zack Hoopes, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “The Fight to Save McCormick Farm”; Lana Muthler and Laura Jameson, The (Lock Haven) Express, “Loyd Groves Murder Trial.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Newspapers: Cody McDevitt, (Somerset) Daily American, “Corrections Crisis”; Joshua Vaughn, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Five Finger Discount.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Newspapers: Joseph Cress, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Indian School Legacy”; Patrick O’Shea, Ellwood City Ledger.

Best Special Section: Jacob Adams, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Celebrating Carlisle’s 4 Straight State Titles 30 Years Down the Road”; The Indiana Gazette, “Women in Business.”

Best Public Service - Newspapers: Jarrad Hedes, (Lehighton) Times News, “Dangers on Route 903”; Jarrad Hedes, (Lehighton) Times News, “Playing it Safe.”

Best Column: Rick Kazmer and Bruce Siwy, (Somerset) Daily American; Marcie Schellhammer, The Bradford Era.

Best Feature Writing: Beth Ann Miller, (Somerset) Daily American, “Adopters Oversee American Graves Overseas”; Nancy Sharer, The (Towanda) Daily Review, “Swinging Back at Cancer.”

Best Editorial Writing: Dan Irwin, New Castle News; The Indiana Gazette.

Best Business Writing: Dani Fitzgerald, Ellwood City Ledger, “Comic Shops Diversifying, Creating Community Atmosphere to Survive”; Chris Reber, (Lehighton) Times News, “Jim Thorpe Loses Bear Creek Iced Tea.”

Best Headline Writing: Patrick O’Shea, Ellwood City Ledger; The (Lewistown) Sentinel.

Best Digital Presentation - Newspapers: The Indiana Gazette, “Indiana Gazette online.”

Best Sports Story: Jeff Fishbein, The (Lewistown) Sentinel, “Just Win!”; Emmett McCall, (Lehighton) Times News, “Disability Doesn’t Define Her.”

Best Sports Feature Story: Jake Adams, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “All Hail Abigail”; Jeff Fishbein, The (Lewistown) Sentinel, “After 50 years, Klingensmith Says It’s Time for a New Coach.”

Best Sports/Outdoor Column: Brian Fees, The (Towanda) Daily Review; Brian Hagberg, (Warren) Times Observer.

Best Illustration or Graphic: Bob Ford, (Lehighton) Times News, “Tennis Player of the Year”; Joshua Vaughn, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Gun Data: Handgun Waiting Periods and Suicide.”

Best Spot News Photo: Alyssa Burd, The (Lewistown) Sentinel, “Three Homes Destroyed by Fire”; Bob Ford, (Lehighton) Times News, “Graduation.”

Best Feature Photo: Bob Ford, (Lehighton) Times News, “Move Over, Betsy Ross”; Sarah Smeltz, The (Lock Haven) Express, “Dancing in the Rain.”

Best Sports Photo: Jason Malmont, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Exciting Win”; Jason Malmont, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Hard Loss.”

Best Photo Story: Brian Ferry, (Warren) Times Observer, “With Honor”; Bob Ford, (Lehighton) Times News, “Out of the Woodwork.”

Best Short Video: Chris Reber, (Lehighton) Times News, “Making the Pierogies”; Joshua Vaughn, The (Carlisle) Sentinel, “Billy Owens returns.”

Best Long Video: Matthew Toth, (Somerset) Daily American, “Berlin Students Talk About Parkland”; Matthew Toth, (Somerset) Daily American, “Game of the Week: Conemaugh Township vs. Windber.”

Finalists in Television I/Large Market:

Best Spot News Coverage: KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, “Antwon Rose Murder Protest”; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, “Tree of Life Synagogue Mass Shooting.”

Best Continuing Coverage: Suzanne Nadell and Scott Trabandt, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue”; KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, “Antwon Rose Murder Protests.”

Best Series: Suzanne Nadell and Scott Trabandt, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Landslides in Western Pennsylvania”; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, “Remembering the Victims.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Broadcast: Scott Trabandt and Suzanne Nadell, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Catholic Diocese Abuse Report”; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, ”’Predator Priests’ Become Counselors.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Broadcast: Rick Earle and Mike Drewecki, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Hyperloop and the Future of Travel”; David Johnson and Ward Hobbs, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells.”

Best Public Service - Broadcast: WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, “Project Hunger.”

Best Documentary: Suzanne Nadell and Kellie Burkett, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Will Amazon Come to Pittsburgh?”; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, “Chronicle: Pittsburgh Outdoors.”

Best Feature - Broadcast: Gordon Loesch and Tony Ruffolo, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “At the DMZ for the Winter Olympics”; Lisa Sylvester and Mike Drewecki, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Talks to Ryan Shazier’s Dad.”

Best Weathercast: Stephen Cropper and Danielle Dozier, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Tornado Warning.”

Best Digital Presence: KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh.

Best Sports Feature: Alby Oxenreiter and Ward Hobbs, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Jock Sutherland’s Grave”; Chase Williams and Mark Masa, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Conner’s Connection with a Fan.”

Best Use of Photography (TV Only): L. David Colabine, KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, “Stories to Inspire.”

Best Regularly Scheduled News or Sports Talk Program: Dean Iampietro and Alby Oxenreiter, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Subway Final Word.”

Best Reporter/Anchor: Lisa Sylvester, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh.

Best Newscast: Suzanne Nadell and Scott Trabandt, WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, “Shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue”; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, “Remembering the Victims.”

Finalists in Television II/Small Market:

Best Spot News Coverage: WJAC-TV, Johnstown, “Diocese Grand Jury Report”; WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Flash Flooding.”

Best Continuing Coverage: WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Stolen Pipeline Explosives”; WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “Deadly Bomb Explosion in Allentown.”

Best Series: Matt Barcaro and Colton White, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “102nd Farm Show.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Broadcast: Crispin Havener, WJAC-TV, Johnstown, “Digging Up Trouble”; Beccah Hendrickson and Kyle Cooper, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Jehovah’s Witnesses Abuse.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Broadcast: Dillon Richards, WJAC-TV, Johnstown, “Prison Mail”; Mike Straub and Kyle Cooper, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Pardon for Printup.”

Best Public Service - Broadcast: Matt Barcaro and Colton White, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Congress on Your Corner”; Brian Roche and Greg Berkey, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Liberty Tax.”

Best Documentary: Jaccii Farris and Rick Dean, WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “Sisterhood of the Vine”; WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Chronicle: Music & Murder.”

Best Feature - Broadcast: Matt Barcaro and Kenneth Maryott, WGAL-TV, Lancaster, “Monarch Sanctuary”; Jessica Guay and Stephen Toma, WJAC-TV, Johnstown, “Making a Difference: Vet Support.”

Best Digital Presence: WFMZ-TV, Allentown.

Best Sports Coverage: WJAC-TV, Johnstown, “High School Football Preview Show.”

Best Sports Feature: Joel D. Smith, WHP-TV, Harrisburg, “Still Growing Up Fast.”

Best Sportscast: Dan Moscaritolo and Jim Vaughn, WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “The Big Ticket”; Joel D. Smith, WHP-TV, Harrisburg, “Live in DC, Breaking News, Sharing the Emotion.”

Best Use of Photography (TV Only): William Seiders, WHP-TV, Harrisburg; Alan Sylvestre, WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “Firefighters Rally for Young Boy.”

Best Regularly Scheduled News or Sports Talk Program: WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “Business Matters: Anti-Semitism”; WFMZ-TV, Allentown, “Talk with Your Doctor: Breast Cancer.”

Best Reporter/Anchor: Katelyn Smith, WGAL-TV, Lancaster.

Best Newscast: WJAC-TV, Johnstown; WGAL-TV, Lancaster,

Finalists in Radio I:

Best Spot News Coverage: WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Cosby’s 2nd trial.”

Best Continuing Coverage: WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse”; WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Starbucks Brews Controversy.”

Best Series: Keystone Crossroads, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “No Justice for All”; WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “Dividing Lines.”

Best Investigative Reporting - Broadcast: Bill O’Driscoll, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “Mattress Factory Scandal”; Avi Wolfman-Arent, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Kicked Out.”

Best Enterprise Reporting - Broadcast: Julie Grant, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “The Allegheny Front: Are Pipelines to Blame for Decline in Ancient Salamanders?”; Annette John-Hall and Aaron Moselle, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “The Surprising Truth Behind the Racial Dynamics of Gentrification in Philly.”

Best Public Service - Broadcast: Margaret J. Krauss, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “Pennsylvania Won’t Say What’s in Its Amazon Bid, But There Are Clues”; Liz Tung, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “This Isn’t Science.”

Best Documentary: Reid Frazier and Kara Holsopple, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “The Allegheny Front: Asthma, Dirty Air and the Struggle to Clean Up a Chronic Polluter”; Elana Gordon, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “The Pulse: Lessons from Vancouver.”

Best Feature - Broadcast: Joe Hernandez, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Mother of Slain N.J. Man Blames Computer Program for His Shooting”; Andrea Kubis, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “The Allegheny Front: The Lure of the Saw-Whet Owl.”

Best Digital Presence: WESA-FM, Pittsburgh.

Best Sports Feature: Lindsay Lazarski, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Pray, Pray Your Hearts out Eagles Fans”; Aaron Moselle, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Offensive Reputation Gets Eagles Fans a Bit Defensive.”

Best Use of Sound (Radio Only): Peter Crimmins, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Wielding Weapons on Stage in ‘Les Miz’ Makes Students Confront Gun Violence”; Virginia Alvino Young, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “A Grieving Pittsburgh Focuses on Community and Light in Hanukkah Celebrations.”

Best Regularly Scheduled News or Sports Talk Program: Kevin Gavin and Megan Harris, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “The Confluence”; WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “The Pulse: The Difference a Gun Makes.”

Best Reporter/Anchor: Laura Benshoff, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia; Margaret J. Krauss, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh.

Best Newscast: Christopher Ayers, WESA-FM, Pittsburgh, “Weekend All Things Considered”; Jennifer Lynn, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, “Morning Edition.”