The Suburbs hit Rochester’s downtown

February 1, 2019

Castles and suburbs don’t usually go together, but they’ll make a perfect match Friday night. That’s right – Minnesota’s iconic punky pop rockers The Suburbs storm the Castle Community for the first night of its grand opening. The Suburbs, joined by local blues heroine Annie Mack and Americana rockers LowRay, will give a performance on Friday, Feb. 1, that will launch a few days of inaugural happenings.

The weekend marks a milestone for the spot. It’s the anniversary of the Rochester Armory’s dedication more than 100 years ago, Naura Anderson, the director of Threshold Arts at the Castle, said.

Keep an eye out for other celebrations on Saturday, like an open house for the second-floor art and record shop, and a performance by Les Fields and the Turkey River Allstars during a community brunch at Cameo Sunday.

Scott Hoss, Co-Owner of the Castle Community, sees the space as having a unique place in our town’s history. “The Castle has been hosting music and dances for longer than we have been alive,” he says, “and if we are successful, it will continue to do so long after we are gone.”

Chan Poling, the nonchalant and self-deprecating lead singer for the Suburbs, took a minute to answer some questions for 507 readers.

What was your favorite Suburbs show of 2018?

It had to be our outdoor show on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis because of the audience. They estimate 10,000 folks showed up and rocked with us that evening. It was simply heartwarming.

What’s your favorite track from 2017 album “Hey Muse!” and why?

I still love the first single, “Hey Muse!” I like its swinging beat and lyrics. We also do “Lovers” from that album a lot. I dig the 70’s glam vibe of that a lot.

The Suburbs will play First Avenue for the Current’s 14th Birthday not long before this Castle show. How do you approach playing a club like First Avenue differently than playing a new room like The Castle?

We approach every show the same: we’re there to get people up and out of the normal world into a universe of grooviness, poetry and sonic delights.

Any favorite stories from playing at the iconic Longhorn with the Suburbs?

We were called on a lot to open for the touring groups that came through town, so I have some incredible memories of hanging out with David Byrne and Tina from the Talking Heads, Fred from the B-52s, Iggy Pop… There was always a fun after-party scene then. But I think one of my favorite stories was when Bruce Springsteen was in town and he came to see us at the Longhorn, and after our set, we hung around the bar talking and drinking Heineken. He invited us to his show the next night. He gave me some good ‘record company’ advice, so I guess it was meeting so many great artists, including our local heroes!

What’s next for the Suburbs? Any plans to record another album in the near future?

I hope this version of The Suburbs will continue to make cool music and show up at cool events for many years to come.

What memories do you have of playing the Down by the Riverside series in Rochester this past summer?

We loved playing Rochester this past summer! It was incredibly hot, I remember... But the fans were incredible, and the setting down by the river was beautiful. I drove my (rented) Maserati with the top down through the hot summer night air on the way home... I had a blast!

What can Rochester fans expect at your Castle show?

New songs, old hits, sonic delights! First Avenue will warm us up for ya!

Why would you recommend this show to Rochesterites?

I think if you’re a fan of rock, New Wave rock, art, dancing, history (award-winning relics of the 20th Century), and fun, you will not want to stay home and watch TV this night.

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