Wireless technology is not worth killing trees

September 18, 2018

Editor, Daily Times:

Please take a moment to look around at the trees, really look. Then, remember back even just 5 years to when trees stayed a healthy color up until the moment they started turning healthy beautiful fall colors. As you drive around, look at what is happening to the trees now. They are yellowing, graying, or turning brown in strange ways. Some are getting fall colors, but only in spots or across the top. One part is affected while another is not on many trees. This is being caused by the increasingly high and definitely biologically active levels of ambient microwave/radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless technology. This is supported by research.

We rely on trees to produce oxygen to breathe, if we kill them off, we will also die. Wireless technology is not worth killing our trees for. (See the Wireless Kills Trees page at www.electricalpollution.com for more information.)

What is happening so visibly to trees should be sounding the alarm about the less visible environmental and human health damage that is also happening. Radiation from wireless technology is being linked to the serious decline in the insect population. We are facing a Silent Spring type situation. Read Birds and Trees of Northern Greece: Population Declines since the Advent of 4G Wireless, a call to action as important as “The Silent Spring” was years ago at www.electricalpollution.com/documents/Birds&TreesNorthGreece.pdf.

The environment is not alone in suffering. People are too, but usually are not aware of the link between their health problems and their exposure to wireless radiation. Wireless radiation causes anxiety, irritability, headaches, poor sleep, cancer, cardiac and neurological problems, and endocrine disruption, as well as numerous other symptoms collectively termed microwave or radiofrequency sickness. “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers,” an article in the New York Times, discusses it in relation to the serious health problems experienced by the Cuban Embassy staff. At lower exposure levels, detrimental biological effects still occur, unfolding more slowly. The only treatment is to minimize your exposure. Steps for doing so can be found on the Solutions page at www.electricalpollution.com.

The Active Denial microwave weapon discussed in the NY Times article employs frequencies that will soon to be found, to our great detriment, throughout the U.S.A. The technology industry is pushing 5G technology as fast as it can so that 5G will already be in place by the time most people wake up to the hazards of exposure to wireless radiation. Legislation to preempt almost all local control of installation of 5G is being proposed at both the state and federal levels. Now is the time for you to take action. Let both your state legislators and your Congressmen know that you oppose all legislation preempting local control and forcing installation of 5G. Ask local officials to testify in opposition as well. For more information, please visit Wisconsin for Safe Technology at www.WisconsinSafeTech.com.

Please take action before it is to late!

Catherine Kleiber


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