Jenny Agutter doesn’t ‘understand’ MeToo victims

January 9, 2019

Jenny Agutter can’t “fully understand” why actresses got into situations that led them to being sexually abused.

The 66-year-old actress doesn’t think women should meet with male industry figures alone unless they “found the person very attractive” because the implication behind the private meetings should be obvious.

She said: “In the States, there were occasions when you might be asked to go to a private screening or someone’s place and you just didn’t do it - unless you found the person very attractive, in which case you did do it.

“But if they’re not really attractive, there’s nothing to be gained from it, because it’s obvious what you’re indicating by going.”

And the ‘Call the Midwife’ actress insisted she would never have been in such an uncomfortable situation herself because if she found herself in that position, she would be “back out of the door rather fast”.

She added: “Because there isn’t any part that’s worth that - and I think there’s an arrogance in me a little bit as well, which is, ‘If you’re not casting me because I’m right for the part, then why are we in this situation?’ ”

However, the ‘Railway Children’ star insisted the situations highlighted by the #MeToo movement are “wrong” and no one should abuse their power in that way.

She added to Radio Times magazine: “It’s terrible that anyone would use their power in that way. That’s wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong - no question about it.

“What is sad is to be in a situation where you have to negotiate it: you shouldn’t have to do that. I was very lucky never to have to.”

Jenny relocated to Los Angeles in her 20s in a bid to further her career but she always felt “a little bit protected” because she was in a relationship with a producer at the time.

She said: “No one was going to hit on me, with him there! It was a bit like having the Mafia around you.”

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