Morgan Braden: The life and times of a salesman

November 9, 2018


Most people do not understand the sales profession and the people who work in it. Our lives today depend on the sales people of society to keep our world moving. We have the people who sell the supplies and food products that keep your favorite restaurant open and with food. We have the manufacturing salesman who sells products to retailers like K-Mart, Walgreens and Walmart to keep the shelves stocked. The furniture salesman helps you with your couch and chairs or bedroom furniture. We have the car salesmen who keeps you on the road. We have the boat/RV salesmen to help with your fun and leisure time, and many more in all aspects of our lives. Most you never knew were there. Without salesmen, our lives would be much different.

Most salesmen the public see and work with are the ones selling cars, RVs, boats, real estate, furniture, etc.

There are always bad apples in every bag, but most of these salesmen are honest hard-working people just like yourself trying to feed their families. But, as a salesman myself, it is not an easy job to do. First, you might wonder why we keep asking you to request us when you come in to consider purchasing something.

Most work on commission only! We do not make a dime unless we sell something. If you come in and we talk to you about an item or product that you might be interested in and you say you must go home and think about it we understand. But, when you come back and just talk to the first person that you see and make the purchase, the first person who tried to help you makes nothing! Therefore, we are constantly asking for you to ask for us by name. Second, we don’t generally know what the company’s cost is on an item and we are not the management that can approve your offer if you try to negotiate a better price. But, a good salesman will try to get you the best deal that they can. If you walk away happy we hope that you will recommend us to your friends and family when they are in the market. Word of mouth is the best advertising that we can ask for. Third, believe it or not, the company wants you to walk away happy too. No one can stay in business if all they do is take advantage of their customers and treat them like they don’t care.

What this boils down to is, when you are purchasing something, remember the name of the person that you talk with. If you talked to them on the phone before going in or if you return to make the purchase please ask for them by name if they were helpful. If you have problems or concern right after you make a purchase bring it up with the manager where you got the item. Give them a chance to make it right and correct the problem that you might be having. It is in their best interest to keep you happy. I myself will do all I can to earn your business, do all I can to treat you right and hopefully keep you as a customer forever.

Morgan Braden

Lake Havasu City

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