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Thieves With Submachine Guns Rob Exclusive Jewelry Store; Leave $5 Tip

August 23, 1985

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Bandits brandishing Uzi submachine guns robbed a jewelry store in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Thursday, firing at least two shots from the weapons but causing no injuries in a well-planned holdup, police said.

Four men pulled up to the luxury hotel in a white Cadillac about 10:30 a.m., and one of them tipped the doorman $5, saying, ″We’ll only be here a couple of minutes,″ said Detective John Crawford.

Three of the bandits walked directly into Schwartz Jewelers adjacent to the hotel lobby. One of the

One the bandits pulled out a submachine gun and pointed it at store manager John Jackels, while another took a position at the store’s entrance, Crawford said.

One man fired a warning shot into a mirrored lobby wall and ordered half a dozen shoppers to lie on the floor, the detective said.

A third man pulled out a crowbar, smashed two display cases and tossed an assortment of diamond rings, necklaces and earrings into a bag, he said.

As they dashed to the car, a witness indentified as an ex-policeman ran after them, said Lt. Bill Hunt.

He began writing down the car’s license number as the four men drove off. One the bandits then fired a shot from the vehicle’s rear window, missing the former officer, he said.

Police said the store had not completed an inventory of what was taken and did not have an estimate of its value.

The weapons used were similiar to the submachine guns employed in several recent robberies in the Hollywood and Los Angeles. In those incidents, people were approached on the street, robbed and shot with snub-nosed semiautomatic weapons.

Police said, however, that the only similarity in the robberies is the weapons used.

″We’ve not drawn any correlation to them at all,″ Hunt said. ″Those were street-type robberies and this was a well-planned exclusive jewelry robbery.″

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