Our View: Economic benefits of Desert Storm continue in event’s wake

May 3, 2019

Desert Storm was a week ago, but the excitement it generated in Lake Havasu City is still palpable. Havasu residents are hardly newbies when it comes to power boating — this region has hosted Desert Storm for 21 years — but seeing all those big boats on the water was breathtaking for lake newcomers and veterans alike.

The annual celebration of power and speed is a pretty good economic generator, too. It long ago became one of Havasu’s premiere events, attracting power-boating enthusiasts and curious others to our community right on the cusp of summer. Turns out, those visitors mean a pretty good shot in the arm for local businesses as visitors pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Lake Havasu City economy.

Some of the excitement over high performance boats on display during Desert Storm will no doubt turn into demand for new watercrafts.

But it’s not just the boat-sellers who benefit. Small business owners also count on the event each year. For example, Jim Dolan, who owns Campbell Cove 1-Stop on Industrial Bouelvard, says Desert Storm business is on par with major holiday weekends like Memorial Day.

A visit to the English Village area in the days before Desert Storm revealed a frenzied atmosphere as local merchants prepared for a crush of foot traffic. It’s big business in Havasu.

The event also introduces Havasu to people who might otherwise not have stopped here. Many of those folks will become repeat visitors, and it’s not uncommon for repeat visitors to become eventual residents. GoLakeHavasu and local real estate agents couldn’t ask for a better marketing scheme. Importantly, Desert Storm acts as a gauge for the rest of the summer, and if that holds true this year, we’re in for another bustling year on the lake. And that’s good for business.

— Today’s News-Herald