Dead body found in Pleasant Grove residence

August 22, 2018
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Pleasant Grove Police conduct a death investigation at a residence in the 100 N. and Main St. area on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018, in Pleasant Grove.

The Pleasant Grove Police Department announced the discovery of a deceased body inside a residence Tuesday afternoon.

According to Capt. Mike Roberts of the Pleasant Grove Police Department, police were trying to contact the owner of the residence just west of John Hancock Charter School on 100 North regarding zoning violations for quite a while. While responding to the home on Tuesday afternoon regarding further zoning investigations, police found a dead male in the residence.

“There were some strange items on the door and in the house,” Roberts said, which led police to believe someone booby-trapped the home. Police exited the home, called the bomb squad and evacuated John Hancock School and homes on the surrounding block.

Though investigators found evidence someone was “tinkering with bomb-making,” they found no explosives in the home, Roberts said. Police cleared the home and declared it safe, and officers are conducting a death investigation. Roberts estimated the male was dead for possibly a year before being found, so he must be identified by DNA and possibly dental records.

Police found a chain connected to a dog collar and a dog’s skeleton also on the property.

According to the Utah County Parcel map, the home is owned by a J. Peterson.

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