Sarah Dixen: Marie Kovecsi is a politician worth getting excited about

October 10, 2018

I am excited about politics! How can someone make that statement in the divisive time that we live in? It is because I am referring to our local politics, where we do not need to be divided by fear and anger, but led by political leaders that focus on the day-to-day issues that make Winona County a great place to live.

I have been extremely impressed and inspired by the work Marie Kovecsi has done as Winona County Commissioner for District 2 the past four years. The biggest issue that rises to the forefront was her support of the frac sand ban, but she also works diligently on issues that make fewer headlines. She is a problem solver, as evidenced in the future crosswalk planned for Gilmore Avenue by the soccer fields. Marie brought together the right people to fix an issue that others, including myself, have worried about for years. This isn’t a partisan issue, but it takes a dedicated public servant to research and plan to make it happen.

Other issues are facing Winona County such as the jail, road maintenance, and water quality. Marie Kovecsi is an attentive listener and hard worker willing to do the background research needed to find solutions. She is the type of politician worth getting excited about.

Sarah Dixen, Winona

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