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Buechler Not Sure of Jordan’s Plan

August 14, 1998

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ What about Michael?

Jud Buechler, a teammate of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls for the last three seasons, says he has no idea.

``We’ll have to wait and see what happens,″ Buechler said Friday at a regional meeting of the NBA Players Association. ``I don’t have any clue of what’s going to take place.

``I live in San Diego. I haven’t spoken with Michael or Scottie (Pippen) or anyone else.″

As is the case with Buechler, Jordan and Pippen are free agents, but can’t be in contact with any NBA team because of the lockout.

Jordan hasn’t announced a final decision on his future, but has indicated he won’t play for anyone but Phil Jackson, who has said his days as coach of the Bulls are over.

Pippen’s problems with Bulls management have been well documented. When asked about a rumor that Pippen will join the Phoenix Suns, Buechler said he’s heard that one, too.

``That would be great for the Suns,″ Buechler said. ``He brings so much to the table.″

Although he’s been a seldom-used reserve on the Bulls, Buechler expressed gratitude for his opportunity with them.

``I’m so appreciative for what has taken place,″ he said. ``I feel so fortunate to have been there. Whatever happens, I’m thankful for what has happened in the last three years.

``There’s 200-and-something free agents right now. We’re all staying in shape, waiting to see what happens.″

Buechler said the union is united in its cause, but he’s hopeful the labor problems will be resolved before the 1998-99 season begins in early November.

``I’m sure it will work itself out,″ he said. ``I really feel like there’s no reason for us to miss any games.″

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