A list of key figures and groups involved in Congo's unrest:

_President Laurent Kabila: Swept to power last year after his forces toppled longtime dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. Relied on Rwandan Tutsi soldiers and Banyamulenge Tutsis for support during the rebellion.

_Rwandan Vice President and Defense Minister Paul Kagame: Widely believed to be responsible for masterminding the rebellion that put Kabila in power. Kabila now accuses Rwanda of trying to oust him.

_Banyamulenge ethnic group: Congolese Tutsis who are among the lead players in the current uprising. Based predominantly in the east, they are closely tied to Rwandan Tutsis.

_Rwandan Tutsis: Ethnic group leading Rwanda's government. Kabila last week ordered all Rwandan soldiers out of the country, setting the stage for the latest rebellion.