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Bright and Brief

March 14, 1986

HINCKLEY, Ohio (AP) _ The buzzards return to Hinckley on Saturday, and as many as 60,000 people are expected welcome them in their spring migration.

A flock of about 75 buzzards arrives every year in mid-March - exactly on March 15, some say - to their roosts in a park in Hinckley Township, 20 miles south of Cleveland.

Hinckley spent Friday gearing up for the annual weekend event, which started about 30 years ago.

Several hundred people are expected to visit the Hinckley reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks System today, hoping to spot one of the birds winging its way back from the South.

About 30,000 to 60,000 people are expected at the park on ″Buzzard Sunday,″ said Hildred Sewell, president of the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce. ″It’s a chance for people to get out of the house after a long winter,″ he said.

Geek, a buzzard from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, will be at a local school to give visitors a close-up view of the bird, properly known as a turkey vulture.

According to park ranger Roger E. Lutz, the buzzard is a pretty bird to watch in flight ″but on the ground they leave a lot to be desired.″


ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - Federal officials were in town to discuss the city’s problems in collecting $9,800 in parking fines run up by U.S. servicemen.

They found a $3 ticket on their car for a meter violation when they left Thursday.

The Parking Authority last week announced it was taking on the Army, Navy and Marines for ignoring thousands of dollars in fines and penalties incurred by recruiting officers and staff members since January 1985.

Authority director Robin Kleckner said some of the servicemen driving government vehicles had ″blatantly disregarded the law,″ while others mistakenly thought they were exempt from using meters and paying tickets.

Three representatives from the General Services Administration arrived Thursday to discuss the problem. Ms. Kleckner said they made it clear that the serviceman, not the government, is responsible for fines but promised to help the city solve the problem.

The ticket waiting for the representatives outside was for overtime parking at a meter. They paid promptly.

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