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Ambassador’s Wife Among Americans Aboard Airliner With AM-Bolivia-Plane

January 2, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Marian Davis, wife of the U.S. ambassador to Paraguay and the mother of four children, was among eight Americans aboard the Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 that crashed Tuesday night in Bolivia.

Wreckage of the jet was found Wednesday evening imbedded in the side of Illimani Mountain, about 35 miles southeast of La Paz, 20 hours after the plane was reported missing, according to U.S. officials in the Bolivian capital. There apparently were no survivors among the 29 people aboard the airliner.

Ambassador Arthur Davis went to Paraguay in the summer of 1982 after serving as president of Arthur Davis and Associates of Lakewood, Colo., since 1976.

With her husband and family, Mrs. Davis was a resident of Golden, Colo.

Davis, 67, who succeeded Ambassador Lyle Lane in Asuncion, is among a number of U.S. envoys who was to be replaced at the start of President Reagan’s second term, State Department officials have said.

Deborah De Moss, an aide to Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., described Mrs. Davis as the ″sharpest ambassador’s wife″ she had ever seen.

Ms. De Moss, who recently spent a week in Paraguay as a guest of the Davises, said Mrs. Davis made frequent trips to Paraguay’s interior to visit Peace Corps projects and remote villages.

″She loved the people and was equally loved by them,″ Ms. De Moss said.