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July 13, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Actor Sylvester Stallone said Monday he has separated from his wife, Brigitte Nielsen, and filed for divorce.

Stallone, star of the ″Rocky″ and ″Rambo″ movie series, cited irreconcilable differences, according to Paul Bloch, a spokesman for the actor.

Stallone and Miss Nielsen, his co-star in ″Cobra,″ were married in December 1985. He was divorced from his first wife, Sasha, earlier that year.


MBABANE, Swaziland (AP) - Pope John Paul II will visit southern Africa in 1988, although a journey to South Africa was considered improbable, a religious official said.

The Catholic Bishop of Swaziland, Bishop Ncamiso Ndlovu, said Monday that the pope would visit Swaziland next year as part of his first tour of the region.

The eight-day official tour, beginning Sept. 12, will also include stops in Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe. All border on South Africa, but that country is not believed to be on his itinerary, Ndlovu said.


LIVERPOOL, Engand (AP) - An exhibit of Beatle memorabilia, which wasn’t a big hit in Liverpool, has found a temporary home in a Texas shopping mall, the show’s general manager said.

The Beatle City exhibit in Liverpool, where the band got its start in the 1960s, will open at the West End Marketplace in Dallas in early August, the general manager, Mike Byrne, said Monday. It will move back to a new location in Liverpool next spring.

The exhibit, the world’s only permanent collection of Beatle memorabilia, contains about 1,000 items, including a Steinway piano - complete with keyboard cigarette burns - on which the late John Lennon composed his songs.

″In the States there is still a very big interest in the Beatles,″ Byrne said. ″Because we’ve got them in England and we grew up with them, Liverpool takes them a bit for granted.″


NEW YORK (AP) - Talk show host Oprah Winfrey credits faith in God with giving her the strength to cope with her troubles, which include her weight, poverty at an early age and a childhood rape.

″There’s only one way I’ve been able to survive being raped, molested, whipped, rejected ... only one way to cope with fears of pregnancy, my mother on welfare, my being fat and unpopular,″ she told McCall’s magazine. ″As corny as this sounds, my faith in God got me through.″

Miss Winfrey, 33, however, never had doubts about her success.

″I knew I’d be a millionaire by age 32,″ she said. ″In fact, I am going to be the richest black woman in America.″

Still, success hasn’t come without a price, she told the July 18 edition of TV Guide.

She still has a suicide note she wrote soon after she got her break as an anchorwoman and had risen to become co-host of a show in Baltimore. She was making $100,000 a year and was young, slim and attractive.

Now, she admits to being fat, although the overeating ″is beginning to seriously bother me,″ she told TV Guide.


JERUSALEM (AP) - Moran Kadosh, a 4-year-old Israeli girl who received a liver transplant after passengers on her flight to London spontaneously donated $40,000, has recovered from her operation, her parents said Monday.

The youngster returned to Israel on Sunday after spending four months at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England.

″She is taking a lot of medication,″ her father, Zion Kadosh, 29, told Israel television. ″But the doctors say she is completely healthy.″

Moran was a healthy girl until five months ago when she contracted hepatitis and complications ensued.

Traveling to London, the family collected $40,000 for the operation when passengers learned that the couple didn’t have enough money to pay for the transplant.


DETROIT (AP) - Tony-award winner Uta Hagen says her goal in theater is a simple one: ″I want to see people, not actors, on stage.″

Miss Hagen, who won Tonys for performances in Edward Albee’s ″Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?″ and Clifford Odets’ ″The Country Girl,″ said recognizing the difference between acting as surface mannerism and acting as believable human behavior has been the theme of her career as an actress and a teacher.

Unfortunately, she had to learn by negative example.

Miss Hagen told a Detroit acting class that when she studied acting 50 years ago, she was taught mannerism by rote.

″It was all wrong,″ Hagen said of her training at the Academy of Dramatic Art in London. ″We were 30 ladies at the dance bar reciting ‘Rosalyn’ in unison. I was a professional actress for eight years before I got any real training.″

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