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Vintners Say Spain’s Best Wines Won’t Be Damaged By Mildew

September 6, 1988

MADRID, Spain (AP) _ Mildew damage will sharply reduce Spain’s grape harvest this fall but probably won’t significantly cut the nation’s output of high-quality wines, industry officials said Tuesday.

They said up to 70 percent of the grapes in some regions were damaged by the fungus, which occurred during unseasonably rainy weather in July and spread in the August heat.

Among Spain’s better known wine-exporting regions, only Valdepenas suffered significantly, with damage expected to cut the central region’s harvest in half, according to INDE, the government agency that oversees Spanish wines.

National Federation of Wine Exporters President Rafael Puyo said it was impossible to tell just how much smaller the harvest will be ″until the grapes are in the wineries at the end of October.″

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