Ron Jackson: Don’t build a wall, use the money for a real crisis

January 13, 2019

America is suffering from Munchausen syndrome.

Too many of us respond to the factitious disorder of one person who repeatedly and deliberately acts as if there is a severe problem when there really isn’t one. The daily dumbing down of our country is alarming.

Now, the immigration debate has been elevated to a crisis level. Hogwash. Trespassing as it relates to our southern border is not a crisis. It is nothing more than political grandstanding. Outside of a violent aggression, America would not accept a real crisis if it landed on the White House lawn or their own lawn. The difference between children and wall supporters is that at an early age, children accept the truth about Santa.

A U.S. police officer was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant last year. A college student in Iowa was killed a year ago by an illegal immigrant. An American girl was killed in San Francisco years ago by an illegal immigrant. Those incidents have become the poster images for the build-a-wall-at-any-cost agenda.

Last year, 51 other law enforcement officers were shot and killed by legal residents. More than a thousand American women are killed each year by American men who love them. There are more than 100,000 rapes on college campuses per year. Those issues of violence have not been given crisis status.

In the rare cases where illegal immigrants commit violent crimes, we don’t ask who enabled them, who helped them stay in this country or who provided them sanctuary employment? If there is anything that should be considered crisis stage, it is the number of American employers who sustain the residency of violent immigrants. However, we don’t. We ignore the real impetus for illegal immigration: a cheap, profitable labor pool.

It would be foolish to waste $5 billion in constructing another southern monument that will hold back illegal immigrants about as well as the Titanic held back water. Especially, since there are much more effective uses for that amount of dollars. If the funds were used to combat the flow of illegal immigration, it only would take one time in the form of a snitch system.

The $5 billion could be distributed in $10,000 awards to any citizen who reports a sanctuary employer. That amount would generate a minimum of 500,000 captured immigrants. Since most sanctuary employers have more than one illegal hire, that number would be exponentially higher. The illegal employees would include those working on expired visas, as well as those who entered the country without any documentation. In addition to awarding good patriots for reporting illegal activity, the sanctuary employers could be fined $1 million per illegal hire. You do the math.

Certainly, that will never happen. The members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have too much skin in the game to implement such a strategy. They will continue to play the immigration reform game as long as enough citizens believe it is a real crisis. But, a wall is not going to prevent police officers from being shot, women from being raped and murdered or junkies from overdosing.

Meanwhile, we continue to ignore a real crisis that warrants a presidential tantrum. About 22 American veterans commit suicide per day. Do the math. That is a real problem. How far would $5 billion go toward stemming that tide? With that amount of money, imagine what type of wall we could build around those who deserve it.

That is a cause worth shutting down the government.

To paraphrase English statesman, Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for illegal immigration to exist is for good people to employ them.”

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