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Quotes from UN General Assembly meeting on anti-Semitism

January 23, 2015

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Here are some quotes from Thursday’s U.N. General Assembly meeting on anti-Semitism.


French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy:

“A world without Jews indeed would not be a world. A world in which the Jews once again would become scapegoats for all people’s fears and frustrations would be a world in which free people could not breathe easy, and where the enslaved would be even more enslaved.”


Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador Abdallah Al-Moualimi:

“Anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia and all crimes that are based on religious hate are inextricably linked, they’re inseparable.”


U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power:

“Rising anti-Semitism is rarely the lone or the last manifestation of intolerance. When the human rights of Jews are repressed, the rights of other religious and ethnic groups are often not far behind.”


Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Ron Prosor:

“The world pledged ‘Never again,’ but here we are again. Seventy years after the Holocaust ended, European Jews are once again living in fear ... Israel will never be silent. We will stand guard and we will safeguard the Jewish state and the Jewish people.”


Germany’s Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth:

“Anti-Semitism is gaining ground in a loud and aggressive manner ... Because of its historical responsibility for the Holocaust, my country fights and will always fight anti-Semitism in whatever form it is expressed.”


France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs Harlem Desir:

“It is our responsibility, in the face of this resurgent evil, to denounce it, to call it clearly by its name, but most important, to act with the utmost firmness, wherever anti-Semitism rears its head in the world. ... Whenever someone attacks a Jew because of what he is, he is attacking all of us, the community of nations.”


Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Steven Blaney:

“The world will not be destroyed by those who wage a war of hate and who try to do evil.”

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