Donald Trump’s favorability up due to increased support from independents and Democrats: Gallup poll

April 15, 2019

President Trump appears to have a knack for the long march, taking care of business despite multiple challenges from political foes and a hostile media. That could be paying off.

“President Trump’s job approval rating increased relatively sharply over the past month to 45% in an April 1-9 Gallup poll, up from 39% in March. This marks the third time the 45th president has reached a 45% job approval rating in Gallup trends his highest in the series,” wrote Gallup analyst Justin McCarthy.

“The president’s improved rating is the result of small increases among independents and Democrats, whose ratings of the president have increased by six and four percentage points respectively. Republicans’ approval of the president remains unchanged, with about 9 in 10 Republicans approving of Trump’s job performance,” the analyst said.

Mr. Trump also has the edge on a leading Democratic contender for the White House.

“Get ready for President Trump’s second term if Sen. Bernie Sanders is his Democratic opponent next year, with Trump edging Sanders 47% to 44%, with 9% undecided,” said a new Rasmussen Reports survey of 5,000 likely voters.

“Sanders, the longtime Vermont senator who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, earns just 74% support among voters in his own party. One-in-five Democrats opt for Trump who has the backing of 83% of Republicans in a matchup with Sanders,” noted the poll, conducted from March 31 to April 11.