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Names In The Game

September 27, 1993

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A batting order mixup Sunday by the Pittsburgh Pirates cost rookie first baseman Rich Aude a hit.

The Pirates were caught batting out of order in the second game of Sunday’s doubleheader against the Chicago Cubs, which they won 1-0.

The error occurred between games. Pirates manager Jim Leyland put the proper lineup on the official card that went to the umpires and Cubs. A different order was posted on the large dugout card. That was the one the players followed.

Officially, the Pirates had Aude batting sixth, followed by Tom Foley and Tom Prince. The players, though, read the incorrect order of Foley, Aude and Prince.

″You’ve never batted above seventh in your life,″ Andy Van Slyke said to Foley. ″Why would you think you were now?″

The Cubs were aware of the mistake when Foley batted sixth and made the last out of the first. Manager Jim Lefebvre took his card and case to plate umpire Eric Gregg when Aude led off the second with a single.

″You wait until you can use it to your advantage,″ Lefebvre said. ″We felt the time was right after he got the hit.″

Under rule 6.07b, Gregg ruled Prince out and nullified Aude’s single.

″It’s a little embarrassing but it happens,″ Leyland said. ″I told Tommy Prince that this is a pretty tough league. He was 0-for-1 before he ever swung at a pitch.″

The players batted in the proper order the second time up.

″It’s tough in this league,″ Foley said. ″You make an out your first time up and they drop you to seventh.″


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - Boxing great Joe Frazier and Buster Mathis met on friendlier terms over the weekend, some 25 years after they fought each other for the heavyweight title.

Frazier won the bout in 1968, but both men came out on top at The Buster Mathis Tribute.

Frazier was a celebrity guest at the tribute, sponsored by The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. He was joined by George Chuvalo, another heavyweight contender during the great heavyweight era of the 1960s and ’70s.

″In this situation, we have to be in the same corner and fight for the cause,″ Frazier said before the tribute, which drew 600 guests.

Mathis was toasted and roasted by a host of old friends and family.

All three boxers fought each other, with Frazier beating both of his rivals and Mathis beating Chuvalo, the Canadian renowned for his toughness.

Frazier and Mathis fought on March 4, 1968, in the historic first fight card at Madison Square Garden. Also on that card was the welterweight title fight between Emile Griffith and Nino Benvenuti.

Mathis and Frazier both entered the fight undefeated and Mathis kept it close until the 11th round. Then Frazier landed his devastating left hook and Mathis was counted out.

″Buster was a big guy but Buster was a dancing guy. Of course, they were all dancing guys to me,″ Frazier said. ″But Buster was really a mover. He had his thing together. Buster was a great fighter. But it was just always a thing of I had to go get the job done.″


TORONTO (AP) - Paul Molitor finally will get a chance to clinch the American League East title in Milwaukee’s County Stadium.

Molitor, who signed with the Toronto Blue Jays this spring after 15 seasons with Milwaukee, was on the pennant-winning Brewers in 1982, but they clinched the AL East at Baltimore on the last day of the season.

″There’s definitely a bit of irony there,″ Molitor said Sunday after Toronto lost to the New York Yankees 7-3, delaying the celebration by at least a day. ″But going to Milwaukee is not something that should affect my play. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable than the last time we went into County Stadium, and the team’s playing a lot better too.″

Toronto, which has won 12 of 14, can clinch its third straight AL East title with one win in their last eight games.

″If you’d told us two weeks ago that we’d only need one one with eight games to play, we would have jumped at the situation,″ Molitor said. ″We’d certainly like to do it quickly. But we also don’t expect the Brewers to lay down. They’ve always played Toronto well and the next three games shouldn’t be any different.″


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Some Alabama fans think Gene Jelks is lying. Others say it doesn’t matter to them if the Crimson Tide violated NCAA rules.

″I think Gene Jelks should be true to his school,″ said Rob Young, a student at Jacksonville State University who says Alabama is his favorite team. ″They gave him an education; that should be good enough.

But Young said he doesn’t particularly care if the charges were true or not. Everybody breaks the rules, he said, and Jelks should have kept quiet.

″If Alabama gets caught it’s no big deal. They’re still going to be my favorite team.″

Jelks has accused boosters and former assistant coaches of paying him to play for Alabama. The NCAA announced last week it will begin an in-depth probe of the school’s program.

During second-ranked Alabama’s 56-3 rout of Louisiana Tech on Saturday, Cindy McLeroy recalled being at Legion Field in 1985 and watching Jelks, a freshman, break a long run against arch-rival Auburn.

″You can see that 22 (Jelks’ number) going right down the sideline,″ she said.

It was the game that made Jelks a household name with Alabama fans. He rushed for 192 yards in the Crimson Tide’s thrilling 25-23 victory.

Now, McLeroy said, ″I feel sad. I think he is going to be the loser eventually.″

Jelks was a prominent name at Saturday’s game. One fan carried a sign that read, ″Gene, Get a Job″ on one side and a more threatening message - ″Gene Jelks: Wanted Dead or Alive, $5 reward″ - on the other.

McLeroy, like many other Tide fans, tried to cast doubt on Jelks’ allegations and downplay whatever punishment may be handed out to the defending national champions.

″I don’t feel it is true,″ she said. ″There are too many inconsistencies. I don’t believe the story. I think if the university was going to pay some player, it wouldn’t have been him. ... There have been some better players. Not him.″

The Jelks case comes at a time when Alabama has the nation’s longest winning streak, 27 games, and is trying to become the first team in 14 years to capture back-to-back national titles.

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