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Brussels woman facing multiple murder charges ordered to remain in jail

November 25, 1997

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) _ A pastor’s daughter who has confessed to killing five close relatives was ordered to remain in custody Tuesday as police investigated clues possibly linking her to the disappearance of still other relatives.

A Brussels court granted a request by an investigating magistrate to keep Agnes Pandy, 39, behind bars for one month as she faces five murder charges.

The hearing came less than a week after Pandy confessed to helping her father Andras, 71, a Hungarian pastor, kill her mother and four other close relatives between 1986 and 1989.

On Tuesday, police widened their investigation after the daily Het Volk linked Agnes Pandy to the disappearances in 1993 of a 12-year-old girl and her Hungarian mother. The latter had a relationship with Andras Pandy after he contacted her through a marriage advertisement in Hungary.

Adi Berta disappeared without a trace from her Brussels school. Her mother’s whereabouts are also unknown.

Jos Colpin, the Brussels prosecutor’s office spokesman, said trying to locate Adi Berta and her mother ``is one of the trails, among others, we are following.″

Agnes Pandy has been charged with murdering her mother _ Andras Pandy’s first wife _ along with two brothers, her father’s second wife, and a stepsister.

Police have said the bodies were either doused with acid or chopped up and put in plastic bags that were then dumped at a Brussels slaughterhouse complex.

Agnes Pandy has also been charged with attempted murder in connection with a 1985 assault on Timea Bogdan, a stepdaughter of Andras Pandy with whom he had a son.

Police said they will continue to question Agnes Pandy this week.

Puzzling investigators are human bones found in one of Andras Pandy’s homes here that genetic tests have shown did not belong to any family members.

On Monday, police confronted Agnes Pandy with her father to get a confession from him but he refused to cooperate and denies any involvement in the murders.

Andras Pandy has been in Belgium since 1957, leading religious services and teaching religion.

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