Tee Cee’s Tip: Can Restaurant-quality Glass Be Recycled?

October 1, 2018

Longmont Times-Call

Dear TeeCee,

I work at a restaurant and one of our glass water pitchers recently got a chip in it, so unfortunately we have to throw it out. Can this be included with our typical recyclables?



Dear Kayla,

Here’s the short answer: Please do NOT put that pitcher in with your regular recyclables. Here’s why: Glass that is designed for reuse — like pitchers, flower vases, drinking glasses, etc. — has a higher melting temperature than glass that is designed for single use, like a pickle jar. This is because reusable glass items are specifically designed to withstand heat, like in a dishwasher, and are therefore generally more durable.

If glass from that pitcher were to make it through to our glass recycler, it would cause a big problem. In the remanufacturing process, the glass pickle jar will liquefy at a certain temperature but the pitcher will not, causing impurities in the recycled glass. For this reason our glass buyers absolutely do NOT want anything other than single-use bottles and jars.

Thanks for your careful recycling!

Tee Cee

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