Luebbe in the running at state golf

October 9, 2018

Girls state golf completed a rainy, wet first round of play at various sites across the state on Monday. Columbus High, Scotus Central Catholic and Lakeview all have athletes competing.

The Discoverers have two in the field while the Shamrocks and Lady Vikes both qualified their entire teams.


Columbus had two golfers qualify for state Ashley Warner and Aspen Luebbe.

At the end of Day 1, Luebbe is currently sitting in fourth place with an 81 while Warner is in 55th place with a 105.

Rain played a major part in Norfolk at the Class A state tournament.

Despite the impressive start for Luebbe, head coach Anne Robertson said that the senior is still looking to improve.

“With golf are you never satisfied unless you birdie every hole, but I think she was,” Robertson said. “I think there was a couple holes where they didn’t go well.”

“She (double bogeyed) two holes. I think that was just kind of a little trip along the way. She doubled No. 4, but then she came back and she birdied 5 and then she doubled No. 6. When you do those type of things it makes it kind of a rough going.

“You take away those two doubles and shes sitting there at 79, so not terrible, but I think she wishes she could have had a couple holes back.”

The rain could cause the second day of State to be cancelled.

“The problem is that they are so saturated up there,” Robertson said. “You could play today, it wasn’t terrible, but if they get anymore rain I don’t know if the course can be playable.

“It was just so wet up there. There was a hole that Ashley got into near the green side and it was just mush. It was like mud trying to hit out of it. It cost her a couple strokes, I thought, because of the conditions. It’s a tough thing to decide because everyone wants to play it, but at what point do you play in really, really bad conditions coursewise.”

Robertson said that Warner had a strong day on the course.

“Ashley was fabulous off the tee and with her approach shots. It was her short game that just kind of gave her some challenges today.

“This course is a little bit longer, and I think she saw some distances and some shots that she has just not had a lot of time or experience with and that kind of cost her at times.”

Robertson that Luebbe will be looking to improve, especially on some of the holes that gave her problems on day one.

“Aspen, I guarantee she’s grinding,” Robertson said. She wants to get out there and shoot that 77 or 76 and just see if she can improve upon that 81 a little bit, conquer a few of those holes that got her today, but you just never know with this game.”

Being in fourth place, puts Luebbe in position to take home a state championship depending on how the leaders play Tuesday.

“If she can just get out there and just let it go anything can happen, anything,” Robertson said. “She has her work ahead of her, but she’s right in there.”


Scotus is competing in the Class C championship in North Platte where the weather also played a major part in the day.

“We had about two and a half hours of driving rain and temperatures hovered right at 40,” said head coach Tanya Niedbalski.

Niedbalski said that given the weather conditions, her team played well.

“Considering the wet course, the rain and the cold temperatures I didn’t think we played that bad,” she said. “I only had one girl that had ever come to state before, and so we had a few nerves to start off a couple holes, but for the most part we settled down.”

After the first day, Hannah Allen sits tied for 22nd after shooting a 100. She is followed by Avery Dierman who is tied for 43rd after shooting a 109.

MaKenzie Enderlin carded a 110, which puts her tied for 48th after round one, and Alaina Dierman shot a 125 to tie her for 76th.

Jaycee Ternus had to withdraw from the tournament after nine holes due to a prior illness.

The Shamrocks are tied for seventh as a team with a 444.

“If we can keep the rain away I think some of the girls can do as well as they did today. Alaina had some good holes today and then she had a couple holes where she really struggled,” Niedbalski said. “I’m hoping that she can bring down her score a little bit, but the other three weren’t too bad scorewise. They’re all hoping that they can bring their scores down.”


Lakeview is competing in the Class B state tournament - the first state experience for all five of the Lakeview girls.

After the first day on the course, Olivia Engel is tied for 26th after shooting a 100. Gracie Borer carded a 107 which puts her tied for 37th.

Ella Meyer shot a 124 to secured 60th place on the day and Paxton Lusche shot a 128 for 65th.

Torrin Boyer carded a 176 for 71st.

The team is tied for 12th with a 459.

“I know they weren’t satisfied with the scores,” said head coach Angela Witt. “I think they were a little disappointed with how they came in, but the good thing is, is they get a chance to play the course again tomorrow.”

Witt said that there are many areas that the Vikings can improve on for Tuesday’s second round.

“I don’t know if there was necessarily one particular area that I could pinpoint and of course for all five of them it’s different,” she said. Whether it’s the drive, course management, putting, they each have their individual areas that they know that they can do better in, and I think that’s were the disappointment for them comes in.”

Lakeview does have somewhat of an advantage with the tournament taking place at Quail Run.

“We’re definitely fortunate that these are the circumstances,” Witt said. It’s in Columbus and we don’t have any traveling. They get to sleep in their own beds. I think were fortunate to have it at Quail Run.”

With this being the first state meet for the girls, there may have been some nerves.

“I would definitely say it took them a little bit longer today to maybe get settled in where they were feeling as comfortable or as confident,” she said.

“When you throw the word state in there you know it just adds to the excitement and the nerves a little bit. If they weren’t too nervous I would be more concerned. I think that’s just human nature.”

After today’s portion of the meet Witt kept the message short to her team.

“I kept it pretty simple,” she said. I told them get home, get some good rest tonight. It’s nice that we get to sleep in our own beds Tomorrow is a new day we’re just going to again like we’ve done all season take one shot at a time.”

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sports@columbustelegram.com

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