T.B. Fuller: Marshal’s comments unprofessional

July 31, 2018


As a former/retired elected official (justice of peace) in Santa Cruz County, I wish to express how appalled I am at Patagonia Marshal Patterson’s apparent, unprofessional conduct related to this tragic matter.

What in the world is he doing in Lake Havasu City, potentially interfering with the investigation by both the Kingman and Lake Havasu City authorities? It’s obvious to me that he is playing to the emotions of his community some 350 miles distant. If he persists in interfering in any fashion he should be held to answer (and have his law enforcement credentials reviewed for possible action) in front of AZPOST. While I considered Mr. Bowdon a friend from many years back — I won’t let those feelings overcome my attitude of what’s very evidently right and wrong related to professional behavior within the law enforcement community. Marshal Patterson appears to have greatly overstepped his authority and is quite apparently grandstanding/politicizing in front of his town (and compounding his questionable behavior by expressing his opinions to the press under color of his ‘badge’) ....at a very tragic and emotional time.

T.B. Fuller

Bernalillo, NM

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