GOP besmirches ideas soldiers die for -- James R. Anderson

December 5, 2018

My son enlisted into the Marine Corp after 9/11 and gave his life to fight tyranny, terrorism and bring democracy to countries that are ruled by dictatorships. His was deployed to Afghanistan, a country that has been in civil unrest for centuries.

We send our military to countries to bring democracy so they can elect their leaders the same way we do here in the United States. A few differences here are that lawmakers suppress who gets to vote by making laws that challenge the ability for minorities to get proper identification needed to vote.

They fabricate lies about voter fraud and election tampering to instill fear that challenges the legitimacy of the election.

The voters made their voices heard during the midterm elections. Now the lame-duck session is changing the rules to limit the newly elected officials. If this is successful, that will suppress your vote by making this last election mute.

Let’s work on bipartisan initiatives such as infrastructure and environmental projects that will improve the quality of life in Wisconsin. This way I could at least say that my son’s death was not in vain.

James R. Anderson, Sauk City

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