Nutter’s 2-for-1 Deal Doesn’t Fly in City

February 8, 2019

LOWELL -- Condensing two weeks of vacation into one?

No thanks, said parents and teachers polled by Lowell Public Schools.

A motion made by School Committee member Gerry Nutter in September to eliminate the weeklong February and April school vacations and replace it with a one-week vacation in March will not move forward.

According to Acting Superintendent Jeannine Durkin, 60 percent of parents said they opposed the change in a poll responded to by 3,335 people.

In earlier poll to teachers and staff, 77.6 percent of 1,156 respondents said they were not in favor of the change.

The proposal was made in a bid to battle warm classroom temperatures by providing a larger buffer for snow days and other closures.

It also came amid complaints of warm classroom temperatures in the first week of school, in some cases over 89 degrees, reported Paul Georges, president of the United Teachers of Lowell.

Nutter responded to the polls on Wednesday night, following a meeting where a number of his motions failed to gain traction.

“My batting average tonight is really, really low,” Nutter said. “That’s OK. We asked the question. People want to keep vacations.”

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