Joan McDermott: Respecting John McCain

September 18, 2018


On Aug. 29, I joined thousands of other Arizonans at the state capitol paying respects to the late Senator John McCain. I watched as veteran after veteran went up to the casket, came to attention, and offered a last salute to the Senator. When it became my turn, I was proud to do so.

Imagine my dismay when on September 10th a letter to the editor from Mr. Kurt Kreuger was published expressing nothing but contempt for Senator McCain and his contributions to this nation. Whatever else he may have meant, Mr. Kreuger made clear his disrespect for John McCain. I do not belong to Senator McCain’s political party. I disagreed with him on many issues. I heard his arguments and never doubted that the Senator held his views with absolute love for his country.

When I arrived in Vietnam in early 1968 as a member of the US Army, John McCain was a prisoner of war in Hanoi. When I completed my second tour and left Vietnam at the end of 1971, John McCain remained a prisoner of war in Hanoi. Mr. Kreuger and his ilk have had 46 years, two congressional elections, six senatorial elections and two presidential elections to present creditable proof that John McCain’s service in and after the military was less than an honorable attempt to carry out his duty of service to this country. The fact that they have not done so after all these years, speaks well of the Senator. It speaks less well of those who would besmirch his memory.

Joan McDermott

Lake Havasu City

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