Details still needed on how tickets are handled for possible rescheduled game

September 6, 2018

Keep hanging on to those Akron tickets.So far that’s still about all the Husker athletic department has shared with fans after the Nebraska game Saturday was canceled because of bad weather.As of Tuesday evening, NU also has not provided details on whether any refunds would be offered to fans who had tickets for the Akron game. Or what would happen if someone has lost their Akron ticket, if that’s what’s needed for entry to a replacement game.The athletic department provided a brief statement to The World-Herald on Tuesday when asked about tickets: “Once we lost the game to weather on Saturday night, we have been exploring all options in hopes of scheduling an additional home game. Once we have details to announce in that regard, we will be able to communicate specific details to ticket holders on how we will proceed.”An athletic department official said in an email that the university expects preliminary information for ticket holders to be provided in the next couple of days.

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