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Ala. 3-Year-Old Helps Save Sister

March 4, 1999

SEMMES, Ala. (AP) _ Three-year-old McKenzie Moorer knows her colors and that’s how she knew something was wrong with her 2-year-old sister.

While her father, Frank, snoozed Tuesday night, and her mother, Amanda, was washing the dishes, McKenzie and Taylor were playing in another room.

Then McKenzie arrived on the run and told her mom: ``Taylor’s not red anymore like my crayon.″

``I told her of course she’s not red, she’s not supposed to be,″ Mrs. Moorer said. ``And then she came back in with her blue one and said she is the color of my blue crayon.″

The mother realized something was seriously wrong, ran to Taylor and found that she had stopped breathing. Using CPR she learned in a maternity class, Mrs. Moorer revived the child, who began gasping for air and crying.

Taylor was in good spirits Wednesday at Springhill Memorial Hospital, and gave McKenzie a big hug when she awoke from a nap, Mrs. Moorer said. Doctors planned to conduct tests to determine what caused the problem.

McKenzie’s teacher at Moffett Road Baptist Child Development Center crafted her a medal Wednesday that read ``McKenzie Moorer, Hero.″

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