Letter to the editor: Where’s the outrage over abuse in schools, Clinton misdeeds?

October 2, 2018

This year, the Chicago Tribune released a series of articles by investigative journalists exposing widespread child abuse involving hundreds of minors by over 70 Chicago public school teachers and employees. These incidents were underreported to police and child welfare investigators as required by law. I only found one article in the national media, by CBS News, covering this story.

The child abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania has received national attention. This story certainly deserves our attention, especially for those devout Catholics who have felt betrayed by the church. Unfortunately, this also sullies the reputations of many Catholic clergy and faithful who have done so much good. It seems there is a decided anti-Catholic bias built into our media which would ignore one story but hype the other.

Similarly, I am outraged at the radio silence on the investigation of blatant political bias in our intelligence agencies and Justice Department in ignoring the Clinton scandals while supporting the Mueller investigation’s dogged pursuit of President Trump without having shown any Russian collusion to date. In contrast, good investigative journalism by Sara Carter of Fox News and John Solomon of The Hill has revealed clear improprieties evidenced by the demotions, firings and resignations of 25 high-level FBI and Justice Department officials. A clear political bias in the high echelons of these agencies deserves the media’s scrutiny because it affects every American’s ability to elect the candidate of their choice without the manipulations of something akin to the KGB and Pravda.

Michael Contes

New Kensington

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