League of Women Voters of Idaho

February 23, 2019

The League of Women Voters of Idaho supports the right to vote, which we consider the most important voice in a democracy. Voting is in our name: it’s what we do and what we encourage others to do.

When the League takes a position on an issue, it is done so after lengthy and in-depth study of that issue. When the League backed Proposition 2, our support was based on solid facts and years of advocacy for the tens of thousands of Idahoans who had no access to basic health care coverage.

When the voters spoke with their votes on Prop. 2, they were speaking to the Legislature. The proposition, which passed by 61 percent, did not ask for Medicaid expansion with barriers and caveats. It spoke for medical insurance for those who fell in the gap, period.

The LWVID works to support voter education, voter registration, and voting your choice. The voters in Idaho have spoken clearly. We wish to have Medicaid expansion, fully funded, with no barriers to coverage that would prevent Idahoans from receiving the care they need to stay healthy. Taking away health coverage does nothing to create healthy families, who in turn keep our communities vital and our economy strong.

The LWVID stands with the will of the voters of Idaho in support of fully funding an unmodified Medicaid expansion, with no barriers to coverage for any Idahoan.

Susan Ripley,

President League of Women Voters of Idaho,