Wanted: 21 more CCISD bus drivers

December 18, 2018

Holidays off, steady hours and pay year-round are some of the perks that Clear Creek ISD transportation director Ezell Brown says come with being a bus driver for the district, which is looking to fill 21 driver positions as soon as possible.

“They have to pass a background check and we look at their driving record — there are a few other requirements too,” he said. “It’s a split shift; so you can work in the morning, do your thing in the afternoon and then work again a little later on. So, it’s ideal for people who are retired, stay at home, have their own business or just want to earn a little extra money.”

The district employs 163 bus drivers and, like most school districts, has faced its share of challenges in trying to retain or recruit them. The district has sufficient drivers to meet route needs but needs the additional people to be at full staff.

“The biggest challenge we face is actually a credit to the area,” Brown said. “People here make higher salaries and jobs are plentiful; so either one parent can often stay home and doesn’t need the extra work, or they’ve applied to one of the other many jobs available nearby.”

Brown wants prospective applicants to know the benefits to being a CCISD bus driver — insurance, stable work hours, holidays off, pay during training.

“Drivers need a (commercial driver’s license), but they don’t have to have one coming in. We put them on the route they would be driving as a bus monitor with one of our experienced drivers and we help them get their CDL,” he said. “That way, they get to know the route, they get to know their kids, we know they’re being trained properly and by the time they get their CDL, they’re ready to go. They’re comfortable and so are we.”

Pay starts at $16.81 per hour and goes up depending on experience.

As an added incentive, CCISD gives qualified drivers who accept the position a sign-on bonus of $300.

“Actually, that sign-on bonus is nothing new,” said Brown. “The district has done that at least since I got here, and that was in 2016 — it may have started years and years ago. It’s not uncommon for transportation departments to give sign-on bonuses to drivers. I just think maybe it’s not publicized very much so people don’t know about it.”

Brown contends that the best part of working with CCISD is the people.

“This is a family,” he said. “If someone is in the hospital, we go visit. If someone wants to sit and talk before a shift, there’s plenty of that. People retire and come back because they miss it.”

To apply, visit www.clearcreekisd.net.

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