HAVANA (AP) _ Amid a new crackdown on ``enemies of the people,'' Cuba announced Wednesday that a Salvadoran man charged in a string of hotel bombings will be tried next week.

The Attorney General's office last month recommended the death penalty for Raul Ernesto Cruz Leon, who is charged with terrorism for the 1997 attacks that killed one person and injured seven. His trial was set for Monday.

Considering the seriousness of the charges and the crackdown on both common and political crimes, Havana's Popular Provincial Tribunal is likely to follow the prosecution's recommendation.

The communist government vowed last week to be ``unrelenting with the enemies of the people.''

In February, Cuban lawmakers expanded the death penalty and raised the country's longest prison sentence from 20 to 30 years. They also approved a law aimed at prosecuting dissidents who support and promote hostile U.S. policies toward Cuba, such as economic sanctions.

After his arrest, Cruz Leon admitted on Cuban television that he planted bombs in three hotels and a restaurant on Sept. 4, 1997. One of the explosions killed Fabio di Celmo, 32, of Italy, and injured seven others.

The bombings appeared to have been aimed at harming Cuba's modest economic gains by frightening away the tourists who now provide one of its most important sources of income.

The government also has set a March 15 trial date for another Salvadoran arrested on similar charges, Otto Rene Rodriguez Llerena.

The attorney general's office has recommended a 30-year prison sentence for Rodriguez Llerena, who was arrested in June. He allegedly had a package of plastic explosives and other items that the government said were designed ``to undertake terrorist activities.''

Cuban officials say the men said their activities were financed by the Miami-based Cuban American National Foundation and organized by Luis Posadas Carriles, a Cuban exile. The foundation has denied the allegations.