ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ Lt. Gov. Buddy MacKay, the Democratic nominee for governor, used a debate Tuesday to attack the business dealings of Republican candidate Jeb Bush.

MacKay said Bush lied about making no money in a failed business deal in Nigeria and that a pilot saw Bush with a suitcase full of cash in the water pump deal.

``Jeb Bush made almost half a million out of that deal. ... The pilot who flew the plane that Jeb was on ... said there were five suitcases, they were heavy, one of them opened and it was full of cash,'' said MacKay, trailing in the polls by as much as 17 points.

``Don't you think Jeb has to give an answer to that?''

Bush dismissed MacKay's accusation as ``crazy.''

``I admire your service to our state for the last 30 years in public life,'' Bush told MacKay during the radio debate. ``Is this what it's gotten down to? Gross distortions of the facts?''

MacKay also questioned Bush's role with Jacksonville-based Ideon, a credit card services company that failed when Bush was on the board of directors. Bush has said he didn't know the company was in so much trouble when he took the position.

Bush said he has not looked into MacKay's business dealings and has never brought up a telecommunications stock deal that netted his opponent $500,000.

``We don't put ads on the television trying to distort that and I don't think you should do the same with us,'' Bush said. ``Let's talk about the issues.''

MacKay said Bush, the son of President Bush and brother of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, had traded off his family name to join business ventures that weren't available to ``people named MacKay, Smith and Jones.''