Thumbs up, thumbs down for Dec. 07

December 7, 2018

To “Santa Baby,” “Last Christmas,” and anyone who plays these terrible Christmas songs in public spaces.

BYU’s Nick Emery has stood tall, admitted his mistakes and has shown a willingness to deal with the consequences. That’s a huge life lesson that he has learned from basketball and we hope he ends up doing well on the court.

Boise in December isn’t the most pleasant destination for fans during a college football bowl game but the Cougar supporters who are willing to brave the elements to be at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl deserve to be commended.

Thousands of dollars in delinquent lunch fees in Saratoga Springs and its surrounding communities were paid off this week thanks to people in the area. The effort started after a Saratoga Springs mom found out two kids in her community were going without a full lunch at school because they owed more than $15 and wanted to encourage people to help their community for Christmas.

Yes, fries aren’t that great for you. Yes, we know this. But that doesn’t mean that a professor at Harvard University can come in and crush our dreams by saying that a serving size of fries is only six fries. That’s something you measure with your heart.

To Sunday’s Carols by Candlelight event at Provo’s Community Congregational Church United Church of Christ. This is the 40th annual celebration and exists because of Monroe and Shirley Paxman, former residents of Provo. The Paxmans left a tremendous legacy of celebrating Advent and the Christmas season for the residents of Provo and beyond.

To Utah Transit Authority and the UVX construction crews for the near completion of the construction along the UVX route and the opening this week of the center bus pick-up and drop-off stations, and doing it several months early.

To all the bell ringers and Santa’s helpers that stand out in the cold seeking monetary donations for charitable causes, and to all the individuals and families who pay it forward as they help others in need in making Christmas and the holiday season a happier time of year.

The BYU community is a beautiful example of selfless sacrifice and charity. This week, after a tragic incident of a student taking her own life, students made a tremendous point of handing out flowers and small notes saying “you are loved” to anyone who needed one. This is a powerful reminder of what small acts can do for others.

To the insensitive, heartless, ignorant and asinine online comments about the tragedy in the Tanner Building this week. Listen up, reporters minimize suicide reporting because how we talk and write about the situation matters. Someone already considering harming themselves may change their thoughts into action by reading this content and your uncaring criticisms. To prevent a contagion, we don’t include the word “suicide” in headlines. We don’t use sensational words or details. We report carefully and thoughtfully and offer help through the National Suicide Hotline and other crisis resources. Anyone could be struggling with suicide. No one should face a crisis alone.

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