New farm bill seeing effects from shutdown

January 11, 2019

LYONS - Activity on the 2018 Farm Bill has been halted due to the partial government shutdown that’s been in effect for the past 19 days.

Anna Johnson, a policy manager of the Center for Rural Affairs, says with the shutdown the U.S. Department of Agriculture employees are not at work.

Johnson says right now should be one of the busiest times at the USDA as they have hundreds of pages of new marching orders in the new farm bill.

“Once employees are back to work there’s the work then of getting caught up and dealing with the backlogs and taking on the new work of the farm bill. They’ll have a lot on their plate and we hope they can get back to work soon so that farmers in rural communities can get more of that certainty from the farm bill.”

Johnson says Congress should pass a spending bill to reopen the government, and override any potential presidential veto.

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