Michael Pacer: Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring

September 22, 2018


I am really getting tired of the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh. The world must laugh at us when a man of his caliber is attacked by liberal activists with unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct. This is nothing but a smear campaign and a delaying tactic by the Democrat Socialists with no Proof or witnesses. They know that their agenda is totally unconstitutional and Brett Kavanaugh will be the one to stop them....thank God!

I believe that if Christine Ford cannot PROVE any of these outrageous allegations she should be sued for slander and libel to the full extent of the law. Her Soros paid lawyer and the Democrat Party should be sued along with her. It is time to stop the Globalist Democrats from destroying the Constitution and the future of America and shine a light on all of their crimes.

Michael Pacer


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