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October 11, 1987

MIDLAND, Texas (AP) _ Love was in the air at the remarriage of Vicki and David Trolinder. But then, so were they.

Fifty feet above the Midland skyline and perched in separate crane truck ″buckets,″ the two were wed Saturday for the second time in eight years.

Mrs. Trolinder, 32, said the status of their 1983 divorce had always been ″up in the air″ and it seemed fitting that the remarriage to Trolinder, 31, be just the same.

Trolinder, a sign serviceman with Permian Sign Co. in Midland, said he wanted to get married aloft because ″that’s the way I spend most of my time and that’s where I feel most comfortable.″

Not so at first for Mrs. Trolinder, who said she was scared of heights.

To help her over the mild case of acrophobia, Trolinder said he took Vicki up for a ride in one of the buckets, along with his German Shepherd, Jake.

″She got over it, but Jake is still scared,″ Trolinder said.


SYLVESTER, Ga. (AP) - More than 2,000 people shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, billed as the world’s largest, at the 24th annual Georgia Peanut Festival Parade.

The sandwich served Saturday was 14 feet square and required 1,630 pounds of bread dough, 600 pounds of peanut butter and 420 pounds of grape jelly.

Betty Wilson Wojcik, executive director of the Worth County-Sylvester Chamber of Commerce, said a report of the creation will be submitted to the editors of the Guinness Book of World Records.

About 20,000 visitors watched the parade in southwest Georgia, the heart of the state’s peanut industry. Georgia produces about 40 percent of the nation’s peanuts.


WEST CAPE MAY, N.J. (AP) - Romy Gack swears she likes lima beans, which many people dread, and it’s a good thing: she’s been crowned Miss Lima Bean and now must extol the virtues of the bland legume.

Her name was plucked from a basket containing names of 12 applicants for the title at the community’s second annual Miss Lima Bean Festival, which organizers said drew 7,400 people Saturday.

Miss Lima Bean’s responsibilities include acting ″as PR person for lima beans. You have to try to convert people who had a bad experience as children and hid them under a plate or something,″ said organizer Bobb Cherrelle, the previous Miss Lima Bean.

Some festival-goers participated in a lima bean recipe contest won by local resident Merryl Williams, who makes a splendid bean pudding.

Ron Collins of Wildwood won the lima-bean eating contest by consuming 953 boiled beans in 10 minutes, Ms. Cherrelle said.

The festival was organized because West Cape May is the largest grower of fordhook lima beans on the East Coast, Ms. Cherrelle said.

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