Fans enjoy the Rafter Z Rodeo during the Westmoreland Fair

September 8, 2018
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Brayden Zrowka (left), 4, and William Weber, 9, both of MIllmont, hang out on the fence, during the Rafter Z Rodeo at the Westmoreland Fair, in Mt. Pleasant Twp., on Monday, Aug. 20, 2018.

After a short hiatus, the rodeo returns during the annual Westmoreland Fair, at the fairgrounds in Mt. Pleasant Township.

The Rafter Z Rodeo included a childrens rodeo, bull riding, saddled and bareback bronco riding, and other activities that brought cheers from the crowd.

Chris Tejero, 26, of Cancun Mexico started off riding bulls and performing trick roping as a child. After a bull riding injury a few years ago that left Tejero with a broken tibia and fibia, he is sticking with being part of the entertainment rather than the show.

“There is a mental thing that happens after a big accident” Tejero said. “It takes some hard work in your mind to get back in.”

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