Kuharchik Countersues Ex-girlfriend

December 24, 2018
Kuharchik Countersues Ex-girlfriend

WBRE-TV personality Dave Kuharchik claims accusations made in an ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit are false, designed to publicly embarrass him and ruin his reputation in the community.

Lawyers for Kuharchik on Tuesday responded to the suit filed by the television host’s ex-girlfriend Sharon Lynett, then filed a counterclaim that describes her as a stalker and “scorned lover” who tried to extort him.

Kuharchik’s suit alleges defamation, abuse of process, assault and battery, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Lynett of Dunmore filed a lawsuit in Luzerne County Court on Jan. 21, claiming she loaned Kuharchik thousands of dollars and paid the mortgage on his home because he promised to marry her once his divorce was finalized. She also claimed he assaulted her. In all, he cost her around $26,000, she said.

Kuharchik claimed he never asked Lynett for money and never promised her anything when she started giving him gifts of cash as he struggled financially while going through a divorce.

“Any monies given to defendant by plaintiff were of her own volition and free will and constitute nothing more than gifts,” Kuharchik’s attorneys wrote.

Lynett, who didn’t live with Kuharchik, constantly bragged about her family’s wealth and told Kuharchik she was supporting him financially because he was “worth it,” according to his attorneys. Lynett is a member of the family that owns The Citizens’ Voice and its parent company, Times-Shamrock.

Kuharchik, 36, is the host of afternoon lifestyle show, “PA Live!” and a meteorologist for the Wilkes-Barre-based TV station.

In her suit, Lynett claimed Kuharchik assaulted her on Nov. 22, 2012 at a party and on July 1, 2013 while driving home from the Jersey shore. Kuharchik’s suit labeled Lynett as the aggressor in both incidents, claiming he broke off the relationship after the second attack. He claimed she was extremely drunk, assaulted him in front of his three children, and then tried to jump out of the moving car as he drove.

After the breakup, Kuharchik claimed Lynett demanded repayment of all money she gave him, threatening to publicly embarrass him if he refused. Lynett continued to harass and stalk Kuharchik to the point that WBRE blocked her ability to email him, the suit said. Eventually, she filed a lawsuit when her extortion attempts failed, Kuharchik’s lawyers said.

Lynett “used the civil justice system as a tactical weapon to coerce Kuharchik to pay her off, even though he had no obligation to do so,” the lawyers wrote.

Lawyers for Kuharchik said he doesn’t owe Lynett money because the payments were gifts. However, Lynett owes him $18,972, they said. Lynett co-signed the loan refinancing for his marital home in West Wyoming in June 2013. The home recently sold at a loss because Lynett filed a claim against the property as part of her suit, Kuharchik’s suit said.

Above all, Kuharchik said Lynett’s accusations defamed him.

“As Kuharchik is a television personality in Northeastern Pennsylvania, he has incurred special damages, such as a loss of reputation and good standing in the eyes of the community, as a result of Lynett’s false statements.”

Lynett’s attorney Michael Cosgrove said the allegations made in Kuharchik’s counterclaim “are totally untrue and we will clearly prove same in court.”

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