Academy of Art University’s Fashion Show and Showroom at New York Fashion Week SS/2019

September 4, 2018

San Francisco, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University is proud to announce the debut of SS/19 and FW/19 collections during New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios. The runway show will introduce a new generation of designers, providing a platform to showcase their talent, determination, and hard work during the globally revered fashion week. Since 2005, the School of Fashion has presented collections created by select students and recent graduates during New York Fashion Week. This year, seventeen designers from the Master of Fine Arts degree programs will present a total of eleven womenswear and two menswear collections; three of the thirteen collections were created through collaborations in textile, knitwear, and fashion design. The collections will debut on Saturday, September 8th at 8:00PM at Pier 59 Studios. The 2019 collections will be viewed by an audience of national and international media, fashion industry executives, recruiters and fellow designers. This is also the first season that the School of Fashion will host a two-day showroom in New York, allowing industry professionals to view the collections and designers’ portfolios up close, and to meet the designers in person. The showroom is at Kimball Studio (78, 5th Avenue, 10th floor, NYC) on Monday, September 10th and Tuesday, September 11th, from 9:00AM – 7:00PM “The collections reflect the designers’ abilities to explore their individual spirit while mastering their craft. They’ve honored the essence of our industry and carry conscientious practices into textile design, three-dimensional design, tailoring, and construction techniques; at the same time, they’ve intelligently integrated the use of technology and sustainable concepts into their work. It has been a pleasure for all of us in the School of Fashion to mentor them through their fashion education, both onsite and online; we look forward to watching them forge their careers through the industry.” – Simon Ungless, Executive Director of the School of Fashion +++Livestream Broadcast Academy of Art University School of Fashion SS2019 and FW2019 CollectionsSeptember 8, 2018 at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST https://www.academyart.edu/runway +++Designers Presenting SS2019 / FW2019 Collections Snežana Aničić-Van Pelt, MFA Fashion Design@snezana_anicic_van_peltPortfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/snezanaanicicBorn / Raised: Belgrade, SerbiaInspiration: “Observations of the ways our society has been shifting; different qualities (identities) that can coexist as a whole” Justing Kong Jiang, MFA Fashion Design @justingkongWebsite: www.justingkong.comBorn / Raised: Guangzhou, ChinaInspiration: Kinetic art, mechanic structure, and the ‘spirit of surrealism’ in the artwork of Oskar Schlemmer and Salvador Dali Nicholle Jones, MFA Fashion Design@carte_blanche_df Website: www.2187149.comBorn / Raised: Columbus, OhioInspiration: “Masks -physical, invisible, or behavior - and the mystery that hides underneath” Jessica (Ching Chi) Lai, MFA Fashion Design@jessica_lai320Website: www.iamjessicalai.comBorn / Raised: Taichung, TaiwanInspiration: The works of graphic illustrator, Olimpia Zagnoli and ‘pop-art’ colors Yoonsuk Lee, MFA Fashion Design@ tailor_boys Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/yoonsukleeBorn / Raised: Seoul, South KoreaInspiration: Visual associations of the ‘walk of shame’, the surrealist black and white photography of Vivian Maier and Irving Penn, and, his grandfather’s custom tailored suits Zhihan Liu, MFA Fashion Design@zhihan_n Website: www.zhihanliu.comBorn / Raised: Jilin, ChinaInspiration: The movie “Shutter Island”, especially the scene when the main actress is burned to ashes, starting from her backside; this scene evoked feelings of “hurt, pain, darkness, austerity and purity” Vivid Yunan Ma, MFA Knitwear Design@yunan_maa Website: www.yunanma.comBorn / Raised: Taiyuan, ChinaInspiration: The portrait photography of Mark Nixon in the book, “Much Loved”, featuring well-worn and beloved teddy bears; unconditional love, memories and nostalgia are translated through color choices in her collection Lusha Wang, MFA Fashion Design@lushawangWebsite: www.lushawang.com Born / Raised: QingDao, ChinaInspiration: The movie “We Need to Talk About Kevin” and film’s lead, Tilda Swinton, (as a muse); constraints and struggles women face in society are symbolized in strategic binding and stitching to constrain fabrics, whereas the loose-fitting silhouettes symbolize an independent and confident woman Zibo Wang, MFA Fashion Design@z1b0_wangPortfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/zibowangBorn / Raised: Beijing, ChinaInspiration: Her childhood and experience of growing up on a military compound; the mixes of fabrics are related to ‘family life’ and the machine embroideries reflect both home and military themes. Changsheng Yu, MFA Fashion Design@changshengyu.design Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/changshengyu/Born / Raised: Changsha, ChinaInspiration: Compositions, contrasts, and shapes created by natural light and shadows in San Francisco, the black and white photography of Andrés Cañal and Horst P. Horst, and, long-exposure photos of dancers that capture movement and fluid lines Collaborative Collections Tingting Cai, MFA Fashion Design@tingting_cai61 Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/tingtingcai/Born / Raised: Shanghai, China Esther (Tian) Qi, BFA Fashion Design@esther.qi Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/estherqi/Born / Raised: Xi’an, China Collaborative Inspirations: Books and connections to people as evidenced in dogeared pages, notes, highlights, and stains; fabric layering represents pages and vintage book-bindings. The collection is also inspired by Siamese twins and their irregular, connected bodies, specifically, the point of where their bodies merge Longwen Li, MFA Fashion Design@longwen_liiiiiiii Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/longwenli/Born / Raised: Guangzhou, China Kiwon Kang, MFA Textile Design@textile_kang Website: www.kwkang11.comBorn / Raised: Busan, South Korea Collaborative Inspirations: The celebration of potential stereotypes and a “modern, nerdy, and futuristic style”, alongside the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise”, as well as, glitch art (the practice of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes) and creating ‘texture’ with inspirations from Nam June Paik’s video art by focusing upon distorted images and white noise coming from an old CRT TV screenMark Kazu Mekaru, MFA Fashion Design@mkazumBorn / Raised: San Francisco, CaliforniaPortfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/markmekaru/ Katy Fang Liu, MFA Textile Design@katytextilesWebsite: www.katyfliu.comBorn / Raised: Shanghai, China Amo (Yu Ling) Chou, MFA Knitwear Design@chou.amo Portfolio: www.artsthread.com/profile/yulingchou/Born / Raised: Taipei, Taiwan Collaborative Inspirations: Miyako Ishiuchi’s photograph of a disintegrated garment destroyed during WWII, along with some elements of the Japanese art of origami; representations of disintegration, peeling, and falling away are incorporated in the garment shapes, textiles and knitsTechnical design assistance on several collections: Golnoush (Gia) Falati, MFA Fashion DesignView complete press release at FashionSchoolDaily.com +++Academy of Art University School of Fashion79 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105Call 800.544.2787 (U.S. only) or 415.274.2200Academy of Art University: http://www.academyart.edu/ School of Fashion: http://www.academyart.edu/academics/fashion Livestream Broadcast School of Fashion SS2019 and FW2019 on September 8, 2018 at 8:00PM EST https://www.academyart.edu/runway Follow the School of Fashion on social media: @AcademyUFashion #AcademyUFashion Social Media ChannelsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/academyufashion Twitter: https://twitter.com/AcademyUFashion Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/academyufashion Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/AcademyUFashion Flipboard: https://flipboard.com/@AcademyUFashion Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/academyofartuni/ Official BlogFashion School Daily: http://www.fashionschooldaily.com/ In-house Press ContactsIan MacKintosh / (415) 618-3849 / imackintosh@academyart.eduElena Eberhard / (415) 618-3831 / eeberhard@academyart.eduEdith Mead Barker / (415) 618-3891 / ebarker@academyart.edu NYFW Events Press ContactsMODE PRAmanda Carter / (212) 226-1088 / amanda@modepublicrelations.comLindsey Solomon / (212) 226-1088 / lindsey@modepublicrelations.com Download Designer Lookbook Images and Portraits Lookbook Images:High resolution: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/5E8qomdUM8 Low resolution: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/ydR1K6GtiL

Lookbook Image Credits:Photographer: Danielle RuedaArt Director: Simon Ungless Hair: Sarah Dean Make-up: Victor Cembellin Models: Tiffany at Stars Model Management Designer Portraits: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/Wv8KO4aLYX Designer Portrait Credits :Photographer: Bob ToyKaty Fang Liu’s portrait photographer: Mario Zhang


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