Why is Trump still president?

February 3, 2019

One of the greatest mysteries of the Trump presidency to date is, “Why is he still president?”

There is now substantial evidence that Trump has committed crimes, and is acting as an agent of Russia, an adversary nation. In a normal time, either of these facts would be enough to impeach him and end his presidency. But we live in an aberrant time. The party that controls the Senate, which would have to decide on conviction and removal, does not believe these facts. Why not? I believe there are 3 reasons:

First, the facts are too awful to be true. If they were true, then the GOP, the party of law and order, and of patriotism, would have endorsed, elected, and supported a criminal and a traitor. Since this is too awful to contemplate, the facts simply must not be true.

Second, the evidence of the facts is in plain sight — Trump openly takes steps that benefit Russia against our interests, routinely. Foreign agents usually operate in secret. Since Trump is not trying to avoid exposure, it must not be treason.

The hyperpartisanship and compartmentalization of news makes it possible to live in an alternate reality. In this alternate reality, it is the FBI, the intelligence services, and the liberals that are the problem. In this reality, political spin becomes the truth. Sad and scary.

Kent Bailey, Rochester

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