Democratic candidate critical of Trump’s trade war

July 28, 2018

Trade works for Nebraska. Tariffs don’t.

That’s one of the key messages Jane Raybould is repeating on the campaign trail as she continues to travel the state in her bid to get elected to the U.S. Senate in November.

“Tariffs are completely irrational,” the Democratic candidate from Lincoln said during an interview Friday afternoon with the Daily News while in Norfolk. “We have a Washington-made trade war that is turning into a Washington-made farm crisis.”

Raybould is running against Sen. Deb Fischer, the Republican incumbent from Valentine in the fall race, and trade is a key issue in the contest.

Raybould said it’s important to remember that there’s right way to get tough with China and a wrong way. The right way, she said, is to work with U.S. allies to put pressure on nations like China that are unfairly subsidizing exports and dumping products on the global market.

The wrong way? It’s what President Donald Trump is doing, Raybould added.

“From a historical reference, I can’t think of one success story where tariffs have worked,” she said.

Raybould said she also believes many Nebraskans are wondering by Sen. Fischer hasn’t been more of a critic of the president’s tactics, given that they are directly impacting those involved in production agriculture in the state.

The $12 billion bailout recently announced by the president as a way to try to mitigate some of the negative financial impact of the ongoing trade war is a “drop in the bucket,” she said.

“Besides, farmers don’t want a bailout; they want to be able to engage in global trade,” Raybould said. “Tariffs are completely irrational.”

Raybould, whose background is in the grocery industry, describes herself as a fiscal conservative with a strong business interest.

She’s excited about her prospects for victory in November even though she’s running against a Republican in a conservative state. She is quick to point out Nebraska’s history of electing Democrats to represent them in the U.S. Senate — Jim Exon, Ed Zorinsky, Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey are all examples.

She’s also not daunted about going up against an incumbent. It’s something she did successfully in the past when she ran for a seat on the Lancaster County board against a nine-year incumbent and won.

“I’m used to doing hard work,” she said. “An incumbent may out-raise me but not out-work me.”

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