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Alleged Gunman Berated Whites

March 7, 2000

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A black man accused of shooting five whites, killing three, left a suicide note along with writings in which he ranted about ``racist, biased doctors and nurses″ who had treated him ``like dirt.″

``As long as the system remains racist white and racist Jew, black people will never overcome,″ Ronald Taylor, 39, wrote in one of the notes published Tuesday by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Police found the writings, which included four pages of a suicide note, in Taylor’s home in Wilkinsburg after he allegedly went on a rampage March 2 at his apartment building and at two fast-food restaurants.

Authorities have charged Taylor with criminal homicide and hate crimes.

In his notes, Taylor, who has said he has a history of mental illness, referred to ``my plan″ and expressed concern at how his actions might affect his loved ones.

``To my family starting with you, mother, who I love so much, I know this will probably destroy your life but I’ve been suffering physically for too long. ... I’ve been patient year after year, decade after decade with my health, but I decided to end it all,″ Taylor wrote.

In one note, he apologized to his mother ``for taking my own life with your gun that I sneaked for the second time in two years.″

Other excerpts:

_``Try to understand when a person is physically suffering for a long time and I’m treated by racist, biased doctors and nurses who so often give me generic, cheap medication that is ineffective and causes return visits to emergency rooms that frustration so often sets in. I get fed up with doctors treating black patients differently from whites in terms of unfairness, unequally and like dirt.″

_``Jesus Christ made a very costly mistake putting white people on the face of the earth. I’ll see all of my enemies in hell. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.″

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