Democrat Sean Carrigan: Moderate, swing voters key to election success

September 26, 2018

Sean Carrigan, a Democrat running to represent South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, believes he can beat Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson with help from moderate and swing voters.

Carrigan, who was in Aiken County for about 12 hours Tuesday as part of a district tour, said he wants to prove to voters, especially those who have strayed from political poles, “that there is a better way.”

Carrigan said it is “very fair” to say he is targeting the middle cluster of voters that remain undecided or can lean either way – stereotypically Republican or Democrat – on major, hot-topic issues.

Carrigan described himself as more moderate and “more middle of the road” than Democrats in past 2nd Congressional District races.

“I think that I’m definitely not a small government guy, I’m not a big government guy,” Carrigan said. “I’m a smart government guy. I’m a what works, process and improvement type of person.”

The Democrat said it’s crucial voters know he’s an Army veteran who’s fiscally responsible, socially liberal and pro-Second Amendment with some control caveats.

“And when people look at that, and they look at my stances on many, many things, they may not agree with everything. But they agree with more of it because I mirror more of what your moderate Republican stands for than what Joe Wilson stands for,” Carrigan said.

That angle, Carrigan said, has been received well – “It’s been tremendous” – in Aiken County.

“The message is getting out there,” he said. Support from his overall base, he continued, has been solid.

Carrigan secured a little more than 44 percent of the Aiken County Democratic vote during the primary runoff. He beat his Democratic competition, Annabelle Robertson, statewide.

Wilson ran unopposed in the primary.

Carrigan is scheduled to tour the 2nd Congressional District over five days, a stretch that began Monday. Aiken County was his second stop, and it involved visits to local businesses and the Clyburn Center for Primary Care, according to schedules provided by his campaign.

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